Prayer Points Against Delay In Conception (Pregnant Women)

Are you a pregnant woman and you are having delay in giving birth , these Prayer Points Against Delay In Conception (Pregnant Women) will open doors.

Prayer Points Against Delay In Conception
Prayer Points Against Delay In Conception



Table of Prayers


List Of Prayer Points Against Delay In Conception (Pregnant Women):

1. Lord Jesus, I thank you for the conception of this baby, which I receive as a special gift from you: help me to carry it safely until birth in Jesus’ name.

2. Dear Lord, keep an eye on me and monitor the proper growth of this baby in order to save delivery in Jesus’ name.

3. In Jesus’ name, I conceive this pregnancy with delight and shall deliver it with joy.

4. In Jesus’ name, every meal I eat and every drug I take will not be harmful to my health or the health of my baby.

5. Biological and emotional changes linked with pregnancy will not overwhelm me or have a harmful impact on my health, in Jesus’ name.

6. In Jesus’ name, this pregnancy will not disrupt my emotional, nervous, or physical equilibrium. In Jesus’ name, I will not suffer from any disorder or aberrant medical circumstance related to pregnancy.

7. In Jesus’ name, I get the strength of the Hebrew women in Egypt to successfully carry this baby to a safe and quick birth.

8. In Jesus’ name, God’s protection will encompass my life and my baby, making it difficult and impossible for the enemy to attack us.

9. In Jesus’ name, no evil arrow will be successful against me or the baby in my womb.

10. In Jesus’ name, God of Perfection, let your Spirit monitor every stage of my baby’s development and forbid malformation of any kind.

11. In Jesus’ name, the precious blood of Jesus will protect my baby from all prenatal and postnatal infections.

12.In Jesus’ name, the destiny of my baby will not respond to any sort of antenatal or postnatal spell.

13. At the hour of delivery, I will have the strength to put my baby to sleep, and my baby will have the strength to arrive safely, in Jesus’ name.

14. In Jesus’ name, my blood and the blood of my child will be impervious to all forms of satanic pollution and contamination.

15. In Jesus’ name, long labor that causes frustration and exhaustion will not be coupled with my delivery.

16. In Jesus’ name, I receive the grace to keep a Christian attitude and tame my mouth at the hour of labor.

17. Sanctify my heart, Lord, and fill my mind with songs of deliverance so that I can speak in a Christian tongue at the hour of labor, in Jesus’ name.

18. In Jesus’ name, only Doctors, Nurses, and Persons ordained by God will be there at the point of my delivery.

19. In Jesus’ name, God’s wind of destruction will drive away all agents of darkness who may have an evil assignment on my day of delivery.

20. In the name of Jesus Christ, paralyze and bind every domestic adversary that rises against me and my baby.

21. In Jesus’ name, may every piece of equipment that will be used on me be sanctified by the blood of Jesus.

22. In Jesus’ name, the environment of my delivery will be charged with God’s presence and will not be conducive to any type of satanic operation.

23. In Jesus’ name, God’s angels will be present to aid the Doctor and Nurses who will take my delivery.

24. In Jesus’ name, complications that necessitate a surgical procedure will not accompany my delivery.

25. My baby will not be born into poverty or frustration, and we will not beg for a proper naming ceremony in Jesus’ name.

26. In Jesus’ name, my kid will not respond to any conventional name that will remind me of my misery. (I Chronicles 4:9–10)

27. In Jesus’ name, the recollection of my delivery day will always inspire joy and appreciation.

28. In the name of Jesus, the baby that will be born to me will be a child with a tremendous destiny in God.

29. In Jesus’ name, the baby in my womb will be infused with the Holy Spirit and a seed of greatness.

30. In Jesus’ name, delay and disaster will not be associated with my baby either in the womb or while growing up.

31. In Jesus’ name, my baby will be appropriately positioned for a normal birth.

32. In Jesus’ name, I refuse to be deceived by powers of darkness into making a mistake that could jeopardize my baby’s health and destiny.

33. In Jesus’ name, I refuse all forms of bad news and unpleasant emotional conditions that could lead to preterm birth.

34. In Jesus’ name, my baby will be born with all the required fitness to live a normal life.

35. My husband will be present to play the role of father. In Jesus’ name, Satan will not replace my older children with the new infant.

36. In Jesus’ name, none of the people who will take care of my kid will work with the enemy to afflict me.

37. In Jesus’ name, my blood will not be squandered during birth, and I will not experience any postpartum crises or abnormalities.

38. In Jesus’ name, I will be alive to milk my living baby.

39. In Jesus’ name, the baby that will be born to me will be a blessing, not a burden.

40. I promise to recognize that I am a caregiver who must raise the child in the Lord’s way. Lord, please help me to do so in Jesus’ name.



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