65 Powerful Prayer Points Against Family Evil Altars

65 Powerful Prayer Points Against Family Evil Altars – It is not simple to demolish family wicked altars. It is equally difficult to eliminate the wicked altar of the father’s or mother’s house.

The forces underlying wicked idols and altars are extremely powerful and tenacious. Because if you try to fight them with poor spiritual powers, they will only grind your bones and imprison you for questioning their power and authority in the family.


Prayer Points Against Family Evil Altars
Prayer Points Against Family Evil Altars



Many families have continued to employ pastors to perform various types of deliverance or freedom in their community.

Instead of the same difficulties subsiding or dying, the ancestral spirits would become more active against the family as a result of the man of God’s deliverance prayers. As a result, it becomes a long-term war that never ends. Many pastors who seek such independence often return unwell or under threat.

What types of altars have been built against your family? Is it an altar of poverty, disease, death, suffering, joblessness, unpaid labour, disfavor, delay, and disappointment? When you come across some families, your wisdom will tell you that they are cursed.

They will continue to assign setback, downfall, or affliction to any families related to the altars until they are utterly crushed out of your family. You’re asking how these altars can lose their hold over you and your family; you’re wondering what the ideal approach is for bringing down, destroying, or silencing the ancestral demonic voice of your father’s or mother’s house.

So many individuals are easily deceived and dominated by demonic spirits. When you look at some families, you will see that practically all of them are heading in the same negative path. There will be no success, no advancement, no achievement, no early marriage, and so on.

By God’s grace, we will offer some prayers against the family altars. These prayers are extremely efficient in bringing about peace, tranquility, restoration, progress, and deliverance.

The power home of the wicked is an evil altar. It is a location where sacrifices are made and people’s glory is exchanged. Even in the twenty-first century, many families continue to kneel and worship some of these gods.

Many of these families’ glory can no longer shine, thrive, or develop due to the ancestral powers’ yoke militating against their emancipation. Many individuals begin to wonder about the simplest methods to assault and demolish the altars that have delayed their families’ glory. If your foundation is weak, you must seek the Holy Spirit to heal it or to reveal the man of God who can hush these collective spirits wandering about your lineage.

List Of 65 Powerful Prayer Points Against Family Evil Altars:

According to the Bible, Jeroboam shouted out against the altars in Bethel in Kings 13. We’ve heard of Gideon tearing down and demolishing his father’s altars; this terrible foundation has delayed and deprived him of his blessings. Until God stepped in.

1. Satanic altars at my father’s and mother’s homes, which are preventing my breakthrough, catch fire in the name of Jesus.

2. In the name of Jesus, let the evil altars that stand in the way of my promotion and freedom catch fire.

3. In Jesus’ name, scatter by fire all united altars of darkness built against my prosperity, and destroy yourselves by thunder.

4. In the name of Jesus, I set fire to every demonic altar established in the hamlet by ancestors and foremothers.

5. Against my greatness in life, I release the fire of God to disperse you by fire on every altar from my father’s and mother’s houses, in Jesus’ name.

6. In the name of Jesus, I return every arrow from the altar of evil aimed towards my destiny.

7. Any ancestral altar older than my village, your time has come, catch fire in Jesus’ name.

8. All of my benefits on the altar of the evil of the wicked, arise and find me today, in Jesus’ name.

9. In Jesus’ name, I command that any curse issued against me from the demonic altar RETURN TO THE SENDER.

10. In Jesus’ name, every man or woman who carried a sacrifice in my name shall fall down and perish. In Jesus’ name, the path of return shall be their portion.

11. Any enchantment put upon me by a witch doctor from an evil altar shall have no effect on me, and any wicked scheme against me shall BACKFIRE, in Jesus’ name.

12. In the name of Jesus, any animal blood shed on any evil altar against me will backfire.

13. Any human blood spilt on any demonic altar in the name of my glory, BE NEUTALIZED BY FIRE, in Jesus’ name.

14. My destiny is to be awoken from the diabolical altar by the blood of Jesus.

15. In the name of Jesus, may every arrow of disease launched into my life from the demonic altar backfire.

16. Catch fire, in the name of Jesus, every evil altar functioning from my mother’s village to stymie my voyage.

17. In Jesus’ name, I command that any aspect of my life and family that has been seized by satanic altars be consumed by fire.

18. In Jesus’ name, you, that demonic personality standing on the family altar against me, get fire and tumble down.

19. Blood of Jesus, speak for me day and night in Jesus’ name.

20. Evil altars, generational gods, and idols of my father’s family from its inception to the present day (Mention your ancestral family names). I declare to you now that you will no longer talk for or against me from now on (family name). In Jesus’ name, I use the blood of Jesus to quiet you forever.

21. In the name of Jesus, O God of Elijah, send fire down on my adversary’s altar.

22. In the name of Jesus, let every family idol wailing against my blessings on the demonic altar catch fire.

23. Satanic altar, wailing against my blood, you are a failure, catch fire, in Jesus’ name.

24. O Lord, keep my altar blazing 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in Jesus’ name.

25. In the name of Jesus, burn to ashes every wicked altar that has taken evil sacrifice to destroy me.

26. In Jesus’ name, scatter unto devastation any demonic altar of darkness where they have given my money, portrait, or image.

27. In the name of Jesus, let every obstinate altar feeding on my destiny and future catch fire.

28. In the name of Jesus, I remove my grandeur from every evil altar in my environment.

29. In the name of Jesus, I withdraw my marital splendor from every sinful altar.

30. In the name of Jesus, I remove my advancement from every evil altar established against me.

31. In the name of Jesus, I command that any wicked altar constructed by my landlord against me in order to obstruct my larger benefits be destroyed by fire.

32. In the name of Jesus, let whatever is buried in my current house that is causing problems for the tenants be excavated by fire.

33. Where are you, evil altars of my father’s house? By the blood of Jesus, you may reclaim your troubles. Today is my day off.

34. Evil workers among my loyal pals, who are also traveling for my cause, will go on a voyage without return, in the name of Jesus. I raise Jesus’ blood against you. BECOME PARALYZED.

35. Any child of darkness from my father’s and mother’s houses who is cooking my glory in the jungle, accept madness in Jesus’ name.

36. Anyone in my family (especially if you are from a polygamous family) who is promoting my case to different strongmen for my ruin, your time is up, and the fire of God will rain on you in Jesus’ name.

37. May the blood of Jesus wash away any environmental evil altars that are working against my prosperity and the works of my hand, in Jesus’ name.

38. Enter the blood of Jesus into any wicked altar in my foundation and demolish it in the name of Jesus.

39. You terrible altar of enslavement, be broken by the blood of Jesus.

40. In the name of Jesus, let ancestral wicked altars that conceal my glory catch fire.

41. May the blood of Jesus reverse whatever ill done against my destiny thus far by the forces of the demonic altars.

42. Let the blood of Jesus melt any decision or vow of domestic altars impacting God’s intentions for my life.

43. By the blood of Jesus, I free myself from the polygamous wicked altar.

44. In the name of Jesus, I ask that the blood of Jesus cover me from the top of my head to the soles of my feet.

45. In the name of Jesus, O Lord, open my eyes to see those who are bringing my case to the underworld.

46. In the name of Jesus, I reclaim my spiritman from the altars of sea forces.

47. Any difficulty in my family that is caused by the demonic altar will be removed by the blood of Jesus.

48. My Father, whomever is making the declaration, decree on my family names in order to render us worthless, O God, arise and reduce them to dust, in Jesus’ name.

49. Wicked Goliath, who murders destiny at the evil altar, I am not your candidate; fall down and die, in Jesus’ name.

50. Any rituals performed against me at any wicked altars by any unfriend friend, in the name of Jesus, expose them with your fire.

51. In Jesus’ name, let every evil priest who is watching my development via their mirror be blinded by fire.

52. In Jesus’ name, every wicked altar that connects day and night to work against me, receive fire and perish.

53. In Jesus’ name, I reclaim the grandeur of my life taken from the diabolical altar by fire.

54. O God, awaken and raise alive any of my destiny that has just been proclaimed dead by an evil priest, in Jesus’ name.

55. I curse any wicked altar that has a connection with me. In Jesus’ name, I disperse you with fire.

56. In Jesus’ name, heed the word of the Lord, and leave from the weird altar of blood sucking demons.

57. My Father, in Jesus’ name, let all those who wish me dead among my friends, family members, and others perish before sunset tomorrow.

58. Stubborn sacrifice of my father’s home that has imprisoned generation, your time has come. Burn to ashes and free destinies from your altar in Jesus’ name.

59. Today, in the name of Jesus, I erect an altar of perpetual wealth over my future.

60. In the name of Jesus, Satan, you will not settle on my destiny.

61. In the name of Jesus, rescue me from the sins of my forebears via the blood of Jesus.

62. O LORD, let the thunder of God strike them and their clients to death in the name of Jesus, at the moment when the wicked priest wants to abort my glory.

63. In Jesus’ name, every demonic priest, every satanic sacrifice on every wicked altar ministering against me, hear the sound of the Lamb’s blood, and be scattered by fire.

64. Dark forces, who are contemplating my fate in the night season for destruction, hear the fire of ELIJAH, receive God’s arrows, and die, in Jesus’ name.

65. In Jesus’ name, let every tree in my father’s house that is serving as an altar against my family wither and perish.


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