40 Good Prayer Points For Burial Preparation and Dead Ones

40 Good Prayer Points For Burial Preparation and Dead Ones – Death is unavoidable, which means that everyone will perish and turn to dust. The primary factor capturing the minds of so many individuals is the fear of death. The loss of a loved one is sad, and burying the individual can cause grief or crying in a person’s life.

When a loved one passes away, it is essential that we express our condolences or pay the deceased our last respects. In this context, there is nothing like celebrating the death, but the dead has already passed away, either to rest in peace, to rest with the Lord, or to be in a condition of turmoil.

Prayer Points For Burial
Prayer Points For Burial

We say goodbye (farewell) to the departed when he or she is buried in the earth, and that individual will never have the opportunity to enjoy the world again.

Perhaps you came into this page while seeking for prayer points for burial preparation. I understand how you feel right now about the shocking incident and the preparations you’re making to host a good funeral ceremony. In Jesus’ name, I declare that no harm will come to you or your family.

Mourning a loved one may be excruciatingly painful and frightening. Whoever is dead, however, is dead. Don’t be concerned; the bible promises that if a good person dies, his or her dead bones will be raised to life. In a clear context, Isa 26:19 says, “Your dead shall live; their corpses shall rise.” When a family member dies, it is a source of great concern. The family will be in grief for an extended amount of time.

Death is real, and when it occurs, everyone bursts into uncontrollable weeping. For example, when a family member dies or when a misfortune befalls a person, the family begins to grieve, agonize, or be in a melancholy mood, and then arranges for their loved ones’ funeral.

In certain African countries, if a person goes to a cemetery and burys a family member, the adversary will begin to employ the spirit of death against the family. And this will pave the way for the era of tribulation, mourning, and death. As a result of their beliefs or perceptions, some individuals frown or refuse to attend funerals.

List Of 40 Good Prayer Points For Burial Preparation and Dead Ones:

They would rather utilize money as a support, however some individuals may invest much on burying the dead while refusing to assist the deceased’s relatives. As you seek prayers to help you plan and carry out a successful burial, I declare into your life that these prayers will never be used against you or any members of your family, in Jesus’ name.

1. Thank you, Jesus, for blessing our family with love, togetherness, and peace.

2. Thank you, Jesus, for always being there to defend us from evil.

3. Father, we entrust this incident to your capable hands, and we ask that you take charge in Jesus’ name.

4. We sanctify this funeral service in the pool of Jesus’ blood.

5. Father, in Jesus’ name, begin to reveal anybody who wishes to exploit these events against us.

6. We release your angels, O Lord, to guide and defend us against the manipulating spirit.

7. Father, we vow that all individuals who have traveled long distances to attend this service will never be involved in a car accident or face spiritual attacks.

8. Dear Lord, in Jesus’ name, grant us a good funeral service.

9. In Jesus’ name, I demand the spirit of death to let go of the departed family members.

10. In Jesus’ name, I cancel the spirit of bad news, difficulty, losses, and agony in my family.

11. In Jesus’ name, Father, when we bury this individual, I declare that our family honor will never be buried with it.

12. In Jesus’ name, Holy Spirit, keep the agents of evil from flaunting themselves in these occurrences.

13. In Jesus’ name, I declare that no ill shall befall me or any plague come near my abode.

14. I take control of the power of untimely death. In Jesus’ name, I vow that death will be a Passover for me and my family.

15. As I prepare for the funeral, send us the financial resources we need to make it a success, in Jesus’ name.

16. In Jesus’ name, I proclaim that all will be right with me and the departed family.

17. In Jesus’ name, Father, keep our hearts from being worried and grant us a tranquil spirit.

18. In Jesus’ name, I announce that this will be the last day for individuals to be buried prematurely.

19. In Jesus’ name, we bring the deceased into your hands, pardon him, and let his spirit to rest with you.

20. In Jesus’ name, every arrow of death aimed at me and my family will be repelled.

21. In Jesus’ name, Father, grant me and my family long life and good health.

22. None of my beautiful plans shall be thwarted when I am on my way to a funeral.

23. In Jesus’ name, Father, have pity on the dead and let his spirit rest with you.

24. Oh Lord, as we prepare to bury the deceased, I declare that we will never return with odd assaults again, in Jesus’ name.

25. In Jesus’ name, I command the ground to swallow any evil person who awaits us at the site of our burial.

26. Father, if we are attempting to bury the soul you have condemned, have compassion on us and assist us to avoid incurring your anger as a result.

27. In the name of Jesus, I command that anything responsible for death in my family be consumed by fire.

28. In Jesus’ name, I declare that the elderly shall not bury the young.

29. As a result of the death of loved ones, I bind and throw off dread, tears, and grief.

30. As we prepare for the burial, I declare in the name of Jesus that the spirit of death and sadness will not turn against me.

31. I vow that I will not die but live to proclaim the Lord’s works.

32. Come, Father, and soothe our souls and keep us safe while we bury the dead.

In Jesus’ name, any nefarious agenda aimed at this funeral ritual will be extinguished by fire.

34. Oh Lord, as soon as we begin to prepare for this funeral, the demonic force will submit and their weapons will melt away, in Jesus’ name.

35. In Jesus’ name, every glory snatched from my family by death will be restored to us.

36. In Jesus’ name, let the power of resurrection breathe over the ground and revive the spirit of the departed.

37. In Jesus’ name, whatever drink or food we consume during this occasion will not turn against us.

38. Even though I am attending this funeral, I will not be afraid since the Lord is with me, in Jesus’ name.

39. We dip everything that will be used at the burial ritual in Jesus’ blood.

40. Thank you, Jesus, for bringing the funeral rituals to a successful conclusion. Take all of the credit.

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