40 Uplifting Prayer Points For Divine Blessings In A Foreign Land

40 Uplifting Prayer Points For Divine Blessings In A Foreign Land – It is a typical desire for people to relocate from one location to another in order to make a better life. Africans, in particular, think that shifting from one nation to another seeking greener pastures provides them with greater prospects in life. It is not bad to seek better pastures in another country, but one must be advised before making that decision.

Christians seeking better pastures must seek the face of God to determine whether the place to which they are relocating is where God has sent them. This will aid in their success in such a place.

As Christians, we are designed to succeed wherever our feet tread; there is no place where a child of God is not meant to flourish and give fruit. Our benefits are not connected to a certain nation, but to God. We have been rescued from every country and race to rule over the planet.

Prayer Points For Divine Blessings
Prayer Points For Divine Blessings

God summoned Abraham out of his tribe and kindred to a place he did not know, and this established the foundation for his becoming a generational blessing. Isaac spent time in the country of the Philistines, and his narrative is one of enormous success because God graciously rewarded him. When Jacob encountered God at the home of Laban, he was wonderfully blessed. As you experience God in this alien nation, you will be wonderfully blessed as well.

You should also be aware that, while God has packaged wonderful blessings for you in that faraway place, there are kings there who do not want you to enjoy your benefits. The Prince of Persia delayed the response to Daniel’s request, which was the foundation of his honor in Persia, for twenty one days until the archangel Michael arrived; glory was not in sight for Daniel.

In order to get your part in that faraway place, you must contend with the prince of that nation in prayer and fasting. Be strong and courageous, for God has given you the means to triumph and assume your rightful place in that alien nation.

List Of 40 Uplifting Prayer Points For Divine Blessings In A Foreign Land:

Pray these prayers with confidence and fasting, and the strong hand of God will deliver your part in that faraway place to you.

1. In Jesus’ name, Father, I proclaim that I will flourish in this distant place with the power of the Holy Spirit. Job number 36:11

2. In Jesus’ name, Father, remember me for good and grant me success in this alien nation. Job number 36:11

3. In Jesus’ name, Father, have this field provide its produce for me.

4. In Jesus’ great name, Father, I will possess all my belongings in this strange place by your word. Obadiah 17:17

5. In Jesus’ name, Father, this strange nation flows with milk and honey for my benefit. 3:17 a.m.

6. In Jesus’ name, Father, establish me mightily in this alien place and make me a wealth distributor.

7. In Jesus’ name, Father, send my destiny assistants to find me in this alien nation.

8. In Jesus’ powerful name, Father, when the soles of my feet walk on this alien soil, grant me possession. 1:3 Josh

9. In Jesus’ name, Father, may every seed I sow in this alien nation produce a hundred times for me as you did for Isaac. Genesis 26:12

10. Father, in the same manner you blessed Isaac in a strange place to the point of envy, bless me in this foreign land in the same order, in Jesus’ name. Genesis 26:12

11. In Jesus’ name, Father, I am delivered from every horror that flies by day and night in this distant place. Psalm 91:5.

12. In Jesus’ name, Father, enhance my stature and possession in this distant place as you did for Isaac in his sojourning land. Genesis 26:12

13. In Jesus’ name, Father, may your grace be sufficient for me in this alien nation. 2 Corinthians 12:9

14. In Jesus’ name, Father Joseph became a prime minister in a distant place, engraving me to be a leader in this alien land. Gen 41:40–42

15. In Jesus’ name, Father, guide and direct my ways in this alien place, and may they lead to heavenly rewards. 48:21 (Isa 48:21).

16. In Jesus’ great name, Father, guide me in the direction I should travel in this foreign place by your word, leading me to prosper wherever I go. 48:17 (Isa 48:17).

17. Father, bless me in this distant nation as you did Abraham, so that I can benefit others. Genesis 12:3.

18. In Jesus’ great name, Father, fill all of my days in this distant nation with everyday blessings that beyond human comprehension. Psalm 68:19

19. In the name of Jesus, Father, cause me to subjugate every band standing against my rise in this alien place. Isaiah 54:15

20. Father, bless this distant place tremendously and make my light shine for everyone to see. Matthew 5:14-16

21. In Jesus’ name, Father, while I serve you in this distant place, inspire me to be strong and to exploit all aspects of life. 11:32 Dan

22. Father, the lines shall fall upon me in pleasant locations in this strange nation, and I have a goodly heritage in this land as you educate me, in Jesus name. Psalm 16:6

23. Father, according to your word, your glory over my life in this distant place will be greater than the past, in Jesus’ name. 2:9 (Haggai).

24. Father, just as Jacob encountered you and excelled in a distant nation, may I too encounter you and excel in this foreign land, in Jesus’ name. Genesis 30:43.

25. In Jesus’ name, Father, I receive the spirit of knowledge, insight, and foresight to perceive the road of greatness and travel it, leading to my grandeur. 1 Peter 1:17

26. Father, reveal yourself to me in this alien nation as you did to Jacob at Bethel and declare your overwhelming blessings upon me. Genesis 32:26-29

27. In Jesus’ name, Father, judge every deity of this distant place who hardens the hearts of my destiny’s helpers. 12:12 as an example

28. In the powerful name of Jesus, I release the archangel Michael against every prince of this alien realm, notwithstanding the release of my heavenly benefits. Revelation 10:1.

29. Father, while I live and work in this distant nation, protect my life from any ill tidings and make me a vessel for greatness, in Jesus’ name. 32:30 a.m.

30. In Jesus’ great name, Father, as I stay in this foreign nation, help me to walk into my affluent place by your grace. Psalm 66:12

31. Father, in Jesus’ powerful name, elevate me from the dunghill of this alien nation to its high places, just as you rose Joseph from the jail. 1st a.m. 2:8

32. Father, open my eyes and thoughts to the chances that will bring you benefits in this distant nation, and enable me to take advantage of them so that I may be blessed, in Jesus’ name.

33. Every group that stood in the way of my blessings and success in this alien nation has been dispersed, Father. In the name of Jesus. Isaiah 54:15

34. Every devil’s argument against my glory and upliftment in this strange nation is now annihilated, Father, in Jesus’ name. 49:27 (Isa 49:27)

35. In the powerful name of Jesus, Father, every obstacle of the gate of this foreign nation against my settlement and development in this land must fail. Matthew 16:38

36. In Jesus’ great name, Father, every agent of slavery and servitude established against me in this strange nation so that I may not thrive is consumed by the fore of the holy spirit. Hebrews 12:29

37. In Jesus’ name, Father, every evil plot, enterprise, plan, and goal of the devil against my lot in this distant nation is foiled. 5:12 in the Bible

38. In Jesus’ great name, Father, lay ambushment on every type of gang up and siege against me in this distant nation. 20:20 2chron

39. In Jesus’ name, Father, sever whatever is opposing my prosperity and blessing in this distant nation and destroy it forever. 2:10 a.m.

40. In Jesus’ name, Father, I receive power for money and renown in this faraway place. Deuteronomy 8:18

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