40 Powerful Prayer Points To Uproot Whatever The Enemy Has Planted

40 Powerful Prayer Points To Uproot Whatever The Enemy Has Planted – The Lord has given us the task of uprooting certain curses or barren trees. Every growing tree is recognized for the fruits it produces. When the trees stop giving fruits, the powers of our prayers must remove them.

Most Christians’ foundations are profoundly flawed, and as a result, they have become stagnant or unproductive in all spheres of life.

Prayer Points To Uproot Whatever The Enemy Has Planted
Prayer Points To Uproot Whatever The Enemy Has Planted

Matthew 15:13 has numerous interpretations. To begin with, it implies that whatever God has not planted in your life should be cut and crushed out. Second, everything that does not want you to realize your destiny will be shaken or cast out. Third, such bible texts imply that everything that is robbing you of your pleasure, happiness, healing, fruit of the womb, righteousness, promotion, or development should be uprooted in Jesus’ name.

The removal of evil tree may be connected to uprooting evil planting. Do you have any ancestors that have lived for a long time and refuse to die? According to the Bible, such a tree must be cut down and its evil foundation burned with the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Spiritually, we must deploy the use of prayers to combat the evil farmers who spread tares into our life (Mat 13:25). If we do not confront the strongman but instead focus on the difficulties, we may not be able to break free. Uprooting a tree reveals some hidden treasures (Dan 2:22). It takes a lot of work to uproot a tree.

Several situations or problems, including but not limited to disease, fibroid, poverty, curses, non-achievement, failure, disfavour, rejection, and so on, might represent evil plantation in a person’s life and destiny. By the help of God, we will take some prayers in this article to remove whatever the adversary has sown in our life, marriage, body, business environment, and so on.

There will be no solution to our current issues until we address them from the ground up. According to the Bible, if the foundation is demolished, what can the righteous do? What can you do now that your family tree has been assaulted, according to the Bible, to bring powerful deliverance or illumination to your family?

I want us to be aware of the numerous places in which the enemy is sowing discord in our lives as soon as possible. These include evil food, nightmares, handshakes, sex, dog bite (snake bite), evil pals, and evil family, among other things. In Matthew 21:19, Jesus examines the tree. The tree quickly disappoints him. All of the leaves produce no fruit. In a rage, Jesus curses the tree and causes it to wither from the roots, never to bear fruit again.

When removing a weed or other undesired plant, it is critical that you totally burn it so that it does not regenerate or have its seeds grow again.

As a result, it is critical to conduct a spiritual examination of your life. Examine your life and get rid of everything that you believe isn’t helping you develop, expand, or flourish in your career.

Many individuals nowadays are victims of one or more evil plantations. They just did not know how to confront, resolve, or eradicate such issues from their life. Some issues might occur in the form of tenacious plants that, even after being killed, will grow up or germinate again. I want you to know that once these troubles or evil powers are removed or rejected from your life, you will feel a sense of relief and happiness.

List Of 40 Powerful Prayer Points To Uproot Whatever The Enemy Has Planted:

The easiest technique to get rid of them is to first identify the cause and then order the troubles to go away or dry up. The prayers you will say will battle against and eradicate any difficulties that evil individuals have sown in your life. In Jesus’ name, this is the day of your liberation, and you will be set free.

1. In Jesus’ name, remove every plant that God has not placed in my life.

2. In Jesus’ name, remove every plant that my Father has not placed in my marriage and family.

3. Come out by fire every plant my father has not put in my body, in Jesus’ name.

4. In Jesus’ name, I command that every plant that my Father has not planted in my body and health be removed.

5. In the name of Jesus, O Lord, restore to me everything that I have lost as a result of evil plantations.

6. In Jesus’ name, return everything the adversary has stolen from the tree of my destiny.

7. In Jesus’ name, may the blood of Jesus rebuild everything that evil plantations have damaged in my life.

8. In the name of Jesus, change every curse blessing in my life into a blessing.

9. In Jesus’ name, let every evil tree that represents failure, delay, and loss in my life wither.

10. In Jesus’ name, I command that every curse on my family line be broken by fire.

11. In Jesus’ name, may every doorway opened to my adversary by my foundation be eternally closed.

12. In the name of Jesus, may the basis of my issues be demolished.

13. In the name of Jesus, anointing to disgrace my troubles from their roots, descend on me.

14. In Jesus’ name, whatever evil spirit in my foundation, free me by fire and death.

15. In the name of Jesus, erase every evil influence of any alien touch from my life.

16. In Jesus’ name, every destroyer of joy in my family, enough is enough, be uprooted by fire.

17. Powers, who keep my fights alive, your time has come; perish in the name of Jesus.

18. In the name of Jesus, scream against my wars and swallow them.

19. Any severe curse that is following me about, trying to make my life miserable, break them immediately, in Jesus’ name.

20. In Jesus’ name, I command that every evil tree of non-achievement that is working against my life be uprooted.

21. You, this evil tree designed to stymie my destiny, visions, and mission, uproot and perish in the name of Jesus.

22. Every evil tree that surrounds my life is uprooted by God’s thunder in the name of Jesus.

23. In Jesus’ name, every evil tree placed to cover my life, business, employment, work, marriage, and spiritual life is removed by fire.

24. In the name of Jesus, I command that stubborn difficulties in my life caused by blood be destroyed.

25. In the name of Jesus, O God of Elijah, send fire down on my adversary’s altar.

26. In the name of Jesus, let every family idol wailing against my blessings on the evil altar catch fire.

27. Satanic altar, wailing against my blood, you are a failure, catch fire, in Jesus’ name.

28. O Lord, keep my altar blazing 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in Jesus’ name.

29. Every evil consumption in my system, be purified by the Holy Spirit’s fire and drained out by Jesus’ blood.

30. Every curse of fruitless hard effort, working in my father’s house, be broken by fire and uprooted in Jesus’ name.

31. In Jesus’ name, every plantation of evil visions be eradicated by fire.

32. Every dark impediment in my path, I come against you and burn it away in the name of Jesus.

33. Any evil plantation that is tying me down, break and free me today, in Jesus’ name.

34. In Jesus’ name, I receive grace to soar up with eagle wings to run and never faint.

35. In Jesus’ name, let any strongman in my foundation who is tormenting my destiny perish.

36. O Lord, arise and set fire to the strange altar built against my life, in the name of Jesus.

37. In Jesus’ name, let every force that has been designed to harden my difficulties perish.

38. In Jesus’ name, let any bitter water running into my life from my foundation dry up.

39. I proclaim that my leaves will not wither and that I will yield fruit in Jesus’ name.

40. In Jesus’ name, I shake out any arrows that have been fired into my life.

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