Pastor Michael Todd Daily Devotional


Sadly we’re living in a world where some find it more powerful to remind people of where they miss the mark, rather than praying for them to see the light. But if we only understood the amazing moment that takes place when a fellow believer is restored to life. Realize your hands have a greater purpose than just pointing out problems. You carry the capability to create powerful petitions of prayer that can change the very outcome of a person’s life. Contrary to popular belief a comeback story still carries more power than reminding people of where things went wrong. Let your posture point them to Christ, not to the courts of public opinion.

When life puts you in a squeeze, what are we producing? We should release everything that the Creator put in us. Not hatred. Not doubt. Not division. But love. Prayer. Unity. Don’t allow your current circumstances produce something in you that God did not give you. We are created in His image long before there was an agenda. Ask yourself, what am I releasing when pressure is applied? The more time we spend in His presence the more we respond with His presence. Pressure happens, let’s act as if we’ve been there before…In His presence that is.

October 14th 2022 Devotional

Just because people decide to walk away from you doesn’t mean they get to take the best parts of you with them.

Realize that your value never diminished once they left, in fact there’s greater potential for it to rise once the wrong things aren’t connected to stunt your growth. Just because you thought you gave someone your best years of your life doesn’t mean they can take that from you as a parting gift.

Keep the best of you with you and understand the only being that completes you is God. Stop promoting people who at best were supposed to be an accessory to your life to being a necessity.

What God created in you was already the total package and you never needed someone else to confirm that what He created. Your best years were never supposed to be left years, they are your next years.

Pastor Michael Todd Daily Devotional – October 10th 2022

This is season where God’s giving you so much favor that EVERY weapon pointed in your direction will jam, disassemble or even backfire before it has an opportunity to harm you.Pastor Michael Todd Daily Devotional

In fact, don’t even address those holding the weapons because you are in the perfect position to prosper. All you have to do is maintain your light and let it shine for all to see, God will take care of the rest.

Favor ain’t fair but it’s YOUR TURN, says the Lord. The weapons that tried to form surrounding your life have been greatly exaggerated, get ready for God to disassemble and defeat EVERY foe.



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