12 Best Bedtime Prayers for Teenagers

12 Best Bedtime Prayers for Teenagers – Any child’s adolescence is a stressful time. Here are 12 appropriate goodnight prayers for teenagers to assist spiritual healing and recovery, ranging from temptation and anger to shattered hearts and new experiences.

Bedtime Prayers for Teenagers
Bedtime Prayers for Teenagers



Table of Prayers

Prayer to Teach Me Wisdom

Thank You, Holy Father, that reverence for You is the beginning of true knowledge. Teach me to be wise and disciplined in all parts of my life. Make me succeed in my studies, in my interpersonal interactions, and in my future. Assist me in doing what is just, right, and fair. Give me judgment and understanding. Help me to listen to and learn from my parents’, spiritual leaders’, and instructors’ correction and instruction. Amen.

Prayer for Protection from Peer Pressure

Please, Heavenly Father, assist me not to simply follow the crowd. Help me to turn my back on them when they tempt me to do something I know is wrong. Help me remember that injuring others or inflicting harm to myself is unacceptable when they say, “Come join us, just for fun.” Help me to be bold and fearless in following Your road of justice rather than their path of evil. Amen.

Prayer to Make Me a Person of Integrity

Help me, Lord, to be a person of honesty. Please allow me to carefully follow Your instructions. Give me delight as I follow You wholeheartedly. Give me the courage to refuse to make a deal with evil. May my behaviors always reflect You. Please don’t give up on me if I stumble and fail! Please don’t let me stray. Help me to keep Your Word hidden in my heart so that I don’t sin against You and may respect You. Amen.

Prayer for Protection Against Sexual Temptation

Father God, I am now battling with sexual temptation. Give me the courage to do what is right in Your Word and not disrespect another person or myself by engaging in sexual sin. Give me the fortitude to avoid media that objectifies humans. Give me the foresight to avoid circumstances in which my desires may overpower common sense. Please assist me in being pure. Amen.

Prayer for Making Wise Decisions

Every day, Heavenly Father, I must make decisions. Help me make wise decisions with the guidance of Your Holy Spirit. Help me to focus on the big picture and not get sidetracked by the details. Please remind me that values are important. Please assist me in learning from my past blunders. Please help me to avoid procrastination. When I’m at a loss for what to do, please help me to seek the counsel of others – especially You. Amen.

Friendship Prayers

Dear God, thank You for being my best friend — always there for me and always there for me. But now I’m looking for earthly companions that share my values and interests so that we may be mutually supportive of one another. Bring people into my life who will challenge, motivate, and encourage me. And help me to be a good friend – to be genuine, honest, a good listener, to keep promises, and to be encouraging and loyal. Amen.

Prayer Concerning Harmful Words

Thank you, God. I despise harsh snarky phrases on social media and in person: words that make others feel excluded or insecure, words that inflict harm. Those statements are sometimes directed at me, and they hurt. I admit that I am occasionally the source of cruel words. Forgive me, Lord, and enable me to just express words of encouragement. Help me to bless others instead of reacting in anger or hurt. Please assist me in discouraging others from using hate words. Amen.

Prayer Concerning Love

Please forgive me, Jesus. Your most important command is that I love the Lord My God with all of my heart, soul, and mind. Help me, Holy Spirit, to keep that command. Help me not to be sidetracked by things that divert my focus away from You or are contrary to Your Word. Remind me to spend time with You in prayer and Bible study every day. Help me to love others as much as I love myself and to put that love into action. Amen.

Discernment Prayer

Please, Heavenly Father, help me to grow in my understanding of You through my time in the Word, church, and youth group. Help me not to be swayed by what everyone else thinks is right or wrong. Give me spiritual eyes to recognize what belief systems, ethical systems, and teachings are correct and incorrect so that I am not duped. Help me to use Your Word as a yardstick to determine true morality and virtue. Amen.

Hope’s Prayer

Help me, Almighty God, to take every thought captive for Jesus Christ when I fall into negativity and depression. Fill me with Your hope, and shield my mind and heart from the enemy’s falsehoods. Help me, Jesus, to cling to You and absorb up Your strength in times of adversity. Even when I’m low, help me raise a hallelujah because praise is a powerful weapon! Amen.

Identity-related Prayer

Heavenly Father, I thank You that I am Your child, and that I can come to You and call out, “Abba!” “Daddy!” I am grateful that You made me in Your likeness. Assist me in understanding my identity as Your son/daughter and that I am entirely embraced in Your unconditional love. May I serve You from a place of great gratitude for Your unending love and acceptance. Amen.

Prayer for the Gift of the Holy Spirit

Greetings, Holy Spirit I thank You for the fact that when You work in me, I am no longer ordinary. You bestow upon me unanticipated courage, knowledge, and strength. May I reflect You and live in obedience to You, and may I accept Your power so that You might achieve much more in and through me than I could ever ask or conceive. May my life be one of service to You, utilizing the spiritual gifts You have bestowed upon me to draw others to You and build Your kingdom. Amen.


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