10 Best Catholic Evening Prayers

Did you know that saying Catholic Evening Prayers is the proper way to conclude the day? You should not only start your day with God, but you should also end it with Him in prayer.

He enjoys communicating with his children at all hours of the day and night. Evening prayers are extremely personal with God.

Catholic Evening Prayers
Catholic Evening Prayers

You’ve had an entire day to reflect on His mercy, grace, and benefits bestowed upon you. You’ve also dealt with tension and heartbreak at times.

Give appreciation to the One who loves and knows you best before you close your eyes at night.

Family Evening Prayer

Please bless me and my family, Lord Jesus. Fill our lives with harmony, hope, and health under your care. I hope for a sign of mercy, a financial miracle to help us get out of debt. Let us discover tranquility and be able to live in a house with nature while the Holy Spirit fills our hearts. Lord have mercy, I pray to all the saints and our holy mother Mary, Amen.

Through the Night, Pray for the Lord’s Protection

Please continue to shower your gracious protection on my family and me this night, Lord. Defend us from all dangers and from every fear, that we may have such pleasant sleep as will prepare us for the obligations of the next day and the days that follow. I beg you to grant me the grace to live in such a way that I am never scared to die, so that I may be Yours both alive and dying.

After a Long Day, Pray for Peace

Father, today was a particularly difficult day for me. I’m worried about my bills, finances, work, family troubles, and the state of the world around me. I feel like I’m at the end of my rope and don’t know how to hang on any longer. Life is currently out of control, and I’m unsure how to face another day. Lord, I desperately need Your strength right now. You are my hero! Please renew my spirit via singing, calm, and reassurance. Your Word, refresh my thoughts! Lord, refresh my soul with this prayer! I know You are in charge and that You will straighten out my routes and iron out all of my hiccups. What can I take away from these experiences? I entrust them all to You. Amen.

In the Coming Days, Pray for Anticipation

I’m ready to go to bed and wake up refreshed the next day, but I can’t help but think about the anticipation and sorrow I feel about life in general. But, in the midst of my anxiety, I find myself wondering about Heaven. I envision lovely paths where the saints converse and shout praises to You! I visualize the room that Jesus has prepared for me while He awaits my arrival. I am reminded that I do not need to be concerned about tomorrow or the future. Because You are my only protection and my everything. Father, thank You for loving me so much!

A New Day’s Strength & A New Dawn’s Prayer For Catholics

Lord, I’m feeling frail right now. There is so much going on in my life, both physically and emotionally, that I feel like I’m about to snap! I need Your strength to get through these difficult times. Father, I hope that You will replenish my mind and strength for tomorrow morning while I sleep tonight. I pray that You will keep an eye on me while I sleep quietly and send nice thoughts to mind. In Your holy name, I ask these things. Amen.


As the day draws to a close, Heavenly and Merciful Father, I pray that You will spread Your protective arms over me and my family.

Lord, please bless us this evening. Protect us with your angels and keep us secure from all danger and spiritual threats.

Father Almighty, I consider myself blessed for the lovely family members You’ve given me, even if I don’t always appreciate them.

Please grant us peace and affection for one another. Quiet the wailing tongue. Bring us closer together.

I pray for my non-Christian family members who have not dedicated their lives to Christ. Lord, bless them with discernment and wisdom.

May they become acquainted with you and form a friendship with you. Amen! I pray in Jesus’ all-powerful name!

133:1 Psalm What a blessing it is when God’s people live in harmony!

6:31 in the Bible –And do to others what you would like them to do to you.

Dear God, please let go of the stress and strain in my body as I go to sleep. Calm my thoughts and put an end to my restlessness.

As I close this day with evening prayer, Heavenly Father, I thank You for all the benefits in my life – family, friends, love, hope, and a secure future.

I thank You for being in my life, and I hope that You grant me the knowledge and strength to face whatever comes my way tomorrow.

Help me to put my trust in You with my life. Allow me to walk in Your ways and direct my steps. Dear Father, please continue to communicate to me at all times. Allow me to experience the absolute tranquility that only You can give.

Above all, shield my thinking and behaviors so that the enemy does not get through to me.

Lord, I beseech You to provide me the wisdom to deal with my situation. Illuminate my route through the dark tunnel. In Jesus’ name, Amen, grant me a good night’s sleep tonight!

Romans 12:18 – If it is possible, live at peace with everyone as far as it depends on you.

I pray to You today for safety and protection, Lord of Hosts, Gracious Father, and Protector of mankind. Knowing You have promised to keep us secure, I believe and trust that my family and I are safe in Your loving arms.

You tell us in Your Word that the enemy comes to murder, steal, and destroy. I am weak against such wickedness on my own, but with You, I am victorious.

You promised that whatever we bind on earth will also be bound in heaven. As a result, I bind all traps that the devil has placed in my path. In the great name of Jesus, I bring down every evil that he has concocted.

When it comes to wicked intentions, I implore You to keep them away from my hearing, sight, feeling, thinking, touch, and sense.

Lord, assist us to be mindful of any negative thoughts that arise in our minds. And when they do, let us not sit back and take a thrashing from the enemy, but rather use Your Word to throw down every false thinking.

Evening Prayer for Peace in the Catholic Tradition

Evening Prayer for Peace in the Catholic Tradition
Evening Prayer for Peace in the Catholic Tradition

God, Lord, Yours is an unending mercy. You called us when we were unworthy, and I shall be eternally grateful.

You drew me from the clutches of evil and drew me into Your loving embrace for protection and tranquility. Thank you for your protection and peace. Take care of me through the night. Amen. I honor and glorify your name.

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A Catholic Prayer for a Joyous Night

Lord, as the day draws to a close, I thank You for all the benefits You’ve placed upon me today. I had a difficult day. But I made it because You gave me the strength, wisdom, tranquility, and protection I needed.

Now that the day is done, I wish for one more thing: a lovely, calm night. Let me not sin in thought or behavior against You. Allow me to spend the time focusing on Your goodness and grace instead.

Thank You, Lord, for Your constant love and the fact that nothing can separate us from You. Lord, help me to remain patient as I await the fulfillment of Your promises.

May I not stress, complain, or even be concerned, because You have me imprinted in the palm of Your holy righteous hand. Father, in the name of Jesus, Amen. All of this I pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

Catholic Evening Forgiveness Prayer

Thank You, Heavenly Father, for carrying me through this day, and Lord, forgive me for the times when I have strayed outside of Your best plan for me, rather than believing You wholeheartedly.

Thank You for being such a gracious Shepherd to me, and for coming to my rescue even when I lose my way and wander from the route You have laid out for me.

As I reflect on today, I realize, Lord, that there were things I should have said and done differently, as well as instances when I reacted in a way that was not honoring to Your holy name. Forgive me, Father, but thank You for always being ready to gently bring me back to Yourself.

Please give me a good night’s sleep. I hope that I may wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to accomplish Your will, knowing that there is no condemnation because I am in Christ. In Jesus’ name, I beseech you,


Catholic Evening Prayer for Guidance in the FutureCatholic Evening Prayer for Guidance in the Future

As I lay down to sleep tonight, Heavenly Father, I ask that You would guard my sleep and keep my mind from wandering thoughts and unneeded preparation. Teach me to wait for Your perfect timing rather than trying to plan my future on my own.

Lord, I know You have planned every day of my life. Help me to trust You in all things and rely on You to lead me along the right path and guide me in the right direction.

Give me patience to wait for Your perfect timing, and may I not put my reliance in my own abilities and schemes, but rather rest in Your love and place my destiny in Your hands.

So, Lord, I devote this night to you, requesting that I sleep well and awake refreshed and strong to execute Your will. In Jesus’ loving name, I beseech you.


Catholic Evening Prayer for Future Protection

Thank You, Loving Lord and Heavenly Father, for always being there for me and promising never to abandon me or forsake me. Father, there are a rising number of evils in the world that can make us fearful, but I know You have promised to be with me, to protect and defend me, even until the end of the era.

Place Your protective hand over me, I pray, and cover those I love with Your peace, grace, comfort, and hope. Help me to trust You in all things, and may I never forget that You have promised to be my Protector and Provider, my Rock and my Shield of defense, no matter what occurs in this life.

Allow me to sleep well tonight. I pray, keeping the rising shadows of darkness and terror at bay. In Jesus’ name, I beseech you.


Catholic Evening Prayer Of Surrender

Loving Lord, as I lay down for the night, I just want to thank You for everything You are to me and laud Your holy name for everything You have done for me and everything You will do for me in the days ahead.

Lord, I know I am not worthy to untie Your shoelaces, but You have raised me from the miry soil and seated me with Christ in heavenly realms. What a good and gracious God You are.

Father, all I want to do is give everything to You and present my life as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to You, because You have saved my life from the pit of destruction and clothed me in Christ’s righteousness.

You have adopted me into Your heavenly family and have set aside an inheritance in heaven for me that will not perish.

You alone are worthy of my love and adoration, and I give everything I am to You today, praying that Your will, not mine, be carried out in my life from this day forward and forevermore. In Jesus’ name, I beseech you,


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Evening and Night Catholic PrayersEvening and Night Catholic Prayers

O Lord, I pray for your help all day, till the shadows lengthen and the evening comes, and the hectic world quietens, and the fever of life subsides, and my labor is completed. Then, in your mercy, grant me and my family safe lodging, holy rest, and ultimate peace.


O God, who is the life of mortal men, the light of the faithful, the strength of those who labor, and the repose of the dead; I thank you for the opportune blessings of the day, and humbly request your kind protection during this night. Bring me and my loved ones safely to the morning hours, I entreat you, by him who died for us and rose again, your Son, our Jesus Christ.


End-of-the-Day Catholic Prayer

Heavenly Father, I commend myself to your kindness this night, humbly begging for your protection through its darkness and dangers. I am helpless and reliant; please keep me safe. I pray for those whom I love and appreciate, for every friend and connection; however divided and far apart, I know we are alike before you, and under your gaze. This night, may we be equally joined in faith and terror, in ardent devotion to you, and in your merciful protection. Please forgive the flaws in my prayers, Lord, and accept them through the intercession of our wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ.


Catholic Prayer for God’s Protection During the Night

I implore you to keep your gracious protection over me and my family this night.

Defend us from all dangers, and from the fear of them, that we may have a restful night’s sleep that will prepare us for the responsibilities of the day ahead.

And grant me grace to always live in such a way that I am never frightened to die; that I may be yours, alive and dying, through the merits and satisfaction of your Son Christ Jesus, in whose name I offer these my imperfect prayers.


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