25 Powerful Catholic Prayers Against Evil

“Do not return evil for evil.” Take care to do what is right in everyone’s view. May These Catholic Prayers Against Evil Help us in a great way. If it is feasible, and it is entirely up to you, live in harmony with everyone.

Do not seek vengeance, my friends, but rather allow room for God’s wrath, since it is written: ‘It is mine to avenge; I will recompense,’ says the Lord. ‘If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink,’ says the Bible. You will heap scorching coals on his head as a result of this.’ “Do not be overcome by evil, but rather defeat evil with good.” (Rom. 12:17–21)


You can be certain of one thing if you live on this planet: you will witness evil. We should anticipate it and be ready to respond. So, how should we react to evil?


Catholic Prayers Against Evil
Catholic Prayers Against Evil


I despise evil. “Let love be sincere,” says Romans 12:9. “Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.” This may seem self-evident, yet our culture has made evil into a form of entertainment. We pay to watch evil play out on the big screen. We carve out time to sit at home and watch evil triumph on television. As a result, we are frequently desensitized to the presence of evil when we see it on the news or right in front of our eyes. We must learn to recognize and despise evil.

Pray for protection from evil. Matthew 6:13 is an excellent example of a prayer for deliverance. “Do not lead us astray, but deliver us from harm.” Our pride frequently fools us into believing that we can deal with evil on our own. We can’t, and even if we tried, we’d fail. We must seek relief from our Heavenly Father through prayer.

Identify and expose evil. “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them,” Ephesians 5:11 warns. Our current culture instills total tolerance. We are supposed to accept and tolerate all behavior, even if it blatantly contradicts God’s Word. While we are supposed to respond to sin with grace and compassion as Christians, wickedness should never be accepted under any circumstances. It should be revealed, and we should not participate in it.

Speak the truth over Evil. Jesus should always be our greatest model for how we should live our lives. We see a fantastic illustration of Jesus responding to evil in Matthew 4:1-11 and Luke 4:1-14. In these lines, we read about Jesus being tempted in the wilderness by Satan. Imagine meeting Satan, the author of evil, face to face. What was Jesus’ reaction? He referred to the Bible. Jesus demonstrates the critical value of knowing God’s Word and speaking the truth in the face of wickedness!

Allow God to handle what is evil. Wars are fought to combat wicked leaders, and there are punishments in place to deal with evil persons. We should be grateful for our country’s laws and the protection afforded by federal and local law enforcement, but we must also remember our individual obligations.

Join us to Pray This Catholic Prayers Against Evil:

We thank you, Father God, for your love and loyalty to your children. We thank you for being a perfect, holy, and trustworthy God who is greater than all the evil we see on Earth. We beseech you to grant us eyes to perceive evil when it is present, hearts to despise it, and a desire to flee from its presence. We pray that you will not lead us astray, but rather free us from evil and pull us closer to yourself. We pray for the long-awaited Jesus to return and make all things new. We enquire about His wonderful name. Amen.

Evil is unavoidable in this imperfect world we live in, but God defends us from the enemy every second of every day. Here are 25 potent prayers for protection from evil.

Prayers for Evil Outside the Home or at Work

1. Prayer for Protection from the Evil One

Greetings, Father I beg Your protection from the evil one’s depravity. You are the Almighty God, and his power is no match for the might You provide. I come to Your refuge with gladness because You protect me from the devil’s attack. Protect me from the deception of the enemy, O Lord, and deliver me from his malicious designs. When I am weak, cover me with Your presence so that he will run from my presence. Amen.

2. Prayer for Protection from Violent People

God-fearing Father, There are aggressive people out there who want to cause bodily harm and have no regard for human life. You are our deliverance from those who would harm us. You are our defender against the wicked’s wrath. As we go about our daily lives today, keep us away from places where bad people lurk. Keep us secure from their malicious intentions, and cradle us in Your loving hands. Amen.

3. Prayer for Protection against Deceptive People

Dear Heavenly Father, Today, may Your Spirit guide every decision I make. Allow Your wisdom to guide me and allow me to see things as they truly are so that I do not fall victim to people’s lies. Keep me secure from evil people that try to defraud me. Spare me from scam artists who are unconcerned about who they deceive or how much damage they do. Give me the wisdom to detect and avoid their plans and bad intents. Amen.

4. Prayer for Protection from Serious Diseases

Thank you, God. You consider our bodies to be Your sanctuary. You also told us to take care of our health. Assist me in maintaining my health. Remind me that when I misuse or abuse my body irresponsibly, it is against Your will. Keep me protected from catching or developing diseases or ailments while I go about my day. Assist me in taking extra care in order to avoid serious illnesses or harm to my body. Amen.

Prayer for Protection from Serious Accidents

You have cared for us as a shepherd cares for his flock, Loving God. When there is danger, You protect us, and when we are in difficulties, You elevate us and take us to safety. Keep me safe while I go today, and keep me away from any accidents that could cause me major harm. Keep an eye on me. May I have the foresight to avoid or prevent disasters. Give me God’s discretion so that I might be safe at all times. And give me the clarity of mind to warn or assist others when the occasion arises. Amen.

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Prayer for Protection against Irresponsible People

Thank you, Lord. We come to You, God, for safety. Protect us against the irresponsible conduct of those who, whether purposefully or accidentally, neglect the welfare of those around them. Those who create catastrophic fires, cause serious vehicular accidents, and a slew of others who have no regard for the negative consequences of their irresponsible behavior. I beseech you to keep us safe from the harm that these people do, and to keep them from carrying out their evil intentions. Amen.

Prayer for Protection Against Dubious Opportunities

You, Lord of all, guide the steps of those who surrender to You. You make chances available to those who follow You. Today, I’m looking for Your advice. O Lord, grant me mental clarity so that I can correctly examine the opportunity that has been provided to me. Do not let the promise of monetary gain cloud my judgment and instill greed in me. Bless me with Your knowledge, that I may differentiate between what is suspect and what is trustworthy. Amen.

Prayer for Protection Against Controversial and Hostile People

God, Lord, We understand that everything we do has an impact on You. Keep us away from argumentative persons who can incite us to react in an unholy manner as we strive to live in peace with everyone. Lead us away from hostile people who may incite our fleshly side to respond in a dishonorable way. Help us to respond to inevitable events with gracious and loving words of comfort, so that we may honor You and provide witness to our faith. Amen.

Catholic Prayer for Protection from Criminals

Father Almighty, We request Your protection from crooks. Please keep us secure from those who could target us or break into our home with the intention of stealing from us and threatening us with bodily harm. Protect us from these evil people, O Lord, and confound their plans so that they cannot steal or harm others in the future. Let Your guiding hand comfort us, and let us have faith in Your ever-present support. Amen.

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List Of Short Catholic Prayers Against Evil:

Short Catholic Prayers Against Evil
Short Catholic Prayers Against Evil

1. Catholic Prayer for Family Protection

Thank you, Lord. You are our Loving Father, who protects us and directs our actions. I come before You to plead for the protection of my family. I pray that You would always protect our bodily, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Allow the enemy no access to any element of our existence. Help everyone of us to continue to trust You, appreciating Your victory over the devil and the power you give us to resist him. Amen.

2. Prayer for Protection Against People Who Take Unfair Advantage

Our Father, You have shown us what truly sacrificial love is, and You want us to show that same love to others. As we tenderly care for others, I pray that our self-sacrifice will not be exploited and that we will not be targeted for the exploitation of our kindness. Please do not allow anyone to take unfair advantage of our affection and effort. Instead, guide us to folks who are compassionate and true in their motivations and deeds. Amen.

3. Catholic Prayer for Bullying Protection

God the Father, Protect my children against bullying by not putting them in situations where they might be inclined to fight back or get disheartened, unhappy, or desperate. Allow kids to have a good support system of friends in church, school, and the neighborhood. Do not allow them to become bullies; instead, turn them into good influencers who will serve those around them and honor You with their lives. Amen.

4. Catholic Prayer for Protection from Persecution for Faith or Principles

Father, You forewarned us that we would suffer as You suffered. That we shall be humiliated, persecuted, and unjustly accused of numerous evil acts because of our religion and principles. Keep us from dishonoring Your name, O Lord, by fighting back against such atrocities. Remind us all the time how You endured far harsher persecution than we have. Surround us with Your love and strength so that we can reply appropriately. Give us the courage to bless our oppressors, knowing that You have already blessed us. Amen.

Prayer for Child Protection from Negative Influences

Father of Mercy, I humbly request your direction for my children. Assist them in remaining attentive against subtle influences that may corrupt their thinking, undermine their convictions, cast doubt on their faith, or shift their emphasis away from You. Keep children away from corrupt, untrustworthy friends that coax them into wicked activities. Lead them to Your Word, O Lord, so that their thoughts are renewed and their hearts are changed with a desire to please You and live according to Your will. Amen.

Prayer for Demonic Oppression

Lord of all power, You have defeated the devil. With Your just words, you have demolished his power. He cannot harm us because we are in You. He has no influence over us because of You. That is something we should keep in mind at all times. Spare us from his oppressive methods of discouraging or depressing us. Free and protect us from bad thoughts that inspire and provoke us to think and act evilly. Clothe us in Your holy armor, O Lord, that we may be able to resist his schemes and attacks. Amen.

Prayer for Protection Against False Teachings and Philosophies

Father, You despise those who lead others astray. You despise individuals who lead others astray with false teachings – those who reject the basic realities of Your word in favor of doctrines that suit their corrupt ideas. Their primary goal is to persuade others to believe their myths rather than the facts. Give us, I pray, the discernment to recognize false teachings and shun them. Instill understanding in us so that we can address them and warn others about them. Amen.

Prayer for Protection from Slander and Gossip

Thank you, Lord. You told us not to say anything unwholesome. You want us to use words that lift others up for the benefit of everyone who is listening. Teach us to be watchful of our words and to keep a tight grip on our tongues at all times. When people gossip about us or slander us, guide our words so that we can continue to be a blessing via our talks. Give us the courage to respond with kindness so that we might honor You with our actions. Amen.

Prayers for Evils Concerning Temptations and Personal Flaws

1. Prayer Based on Thoughts

God Almighty, I give You my heart and intellect for purification. I know You want us to love You entirely and fervently. Keep wicked thoughts away from my mind. Keep it clear from the sway of evil notions. Help me to submit every thought of mine to Your will, so that I may find joy in You. Protect my thoughts by erecting a mental hedge. Help me to focus my thoughts on what is good, true, and positive. Amen.

2. Prayer for Retaliation or Revenge

You are the God of Mercy and the God of Justice. You have declared that vengeance is Yours. Teach us to control our urge to retaliate, knowing that meetinging just retribution on our abusers is entirely up to You. Prevent us from exacting vengeance since You have commanded us not to return evil with evil. Help us to trust You and put everything in Your hands. May we find the strength to be kind instead, so that we can bear witness to Your goodness. Amen.

3. Catholic Prayer for Extramarital Affairs

Jesus, the God of Love, You established marriage as an everlasting bond. You made it a lifelong relationship and fellowship. I pray that You will assist my spouse and me in keeping the promise we made before You for the rest of our lives. Keep us from falling victim to extramarital affairs. Assist us in maintaining open and honest communication at all times. Help us both to grow our relationship into a loving, caring, joyous, and mutually respectful one that seeks to honor You. Amen.

4. Catholic Prayer for Addiction Recovery

God, my healer, You are faithful even when we are not. You reach out to us even when we consistently disregard You. Your unwavering love has motivated me to seek treatment for my addiction, and Your loving presence has given me the courage to break free from this shackle. I beseech you to fortify me so that I can continue to fight my erroneous desires. O Lord, deliver me from the clutches of these bad cravings and fill me with Your Spirit, so that I may find peace within that will guard my heart. Amen.

5. Prayer for Addiction Recovery

God of many possibilities, As I walk this route to recovery, I pray for Your protection and guidance. Keep me away from locations and activities that might highlight my flaws. Keep me away from persons who might take advantage of my weaknesses. Help me to battle any old cravings I may have by pulling strength from Your love and the love of those who continue to help and protect me. Encourage me with Your loving presence, O God, and bring me to perfect restoration. Amen.

6. Prayer for Pride and Arrogance

Lord of my life, You want us to be humble. That is why you always prefer the humble while opposing the proud. Teach us, I pray, to always be reasonable in our self-evaluation and not to assume we are better or more important than others. Protect our hearts from pride, for such evil only brings shame and misery. Let Your Spirit, O Lord, cultivate in us a modest spirit that respects others at all times and in all circumstances. Amen.

Prayer for Covetousness and Greed

Father of Generosity, You have told us not to place our faith in wealth since the love of money is the foundation of all evil. You offer us every opportunity to be content in You because You promise to meet our needs. Teach us, I beseech you, to restrain our longing for material things. Give us the strength to overcome all greed and covetousness in our souls. Bless us, Lord, with the patience and serenity to believe Your promises and rejoice in Your provisions. Amen.

Prayer for Self-Centeredness

Lord, You have said that self-centeredness is the source of much confusion and all evil, and You have warned us that many will embrace self-love. Make us completely aware of the sins of self-centeredness and lead us so that we may avoid this nasty attitude. Teach us true selflessness, and let us be inspired by Your selfless sacrifice on the cross. Allow us to recognize how important others are and how we should protect their interests as well. Help us to put the needs of others ahead of our own. Amen.


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