Powerful 10 Catholic Prayers Before Surgery

Praying for a successful surgery might help alleviate worry and nerves before the procedure. May these Catholic Prayers Before Surgery bring you serenity and strengthen your faith in God for protection and wellness.

Short Catholic Prayers Before SurgeryShort Catholic Prayers Before Surgery

Most dear Heavenly Father, as I endure a critical surgery today, I entrust my physical body to You. Guide the surgeons’ hands as well. Thank You, Father, for bestowing upon them the abilities and talents to heal the sick and provide hope to the dying. Thank You for giving them smart minds and peaceful hearts so they can conduct the operation without harming my body.

Father God, continue to touch me with Your healing hand when I am rendered unconscious by anaesthesia and pieces of my body are surgically removed. I believe in You, God, as my Healer. You are the only one who can cure me of this ailment. I think that no disease is more potent than Your Name, God. I denounce this disease within my body in Jesus’ name. In the name of Jesus, please leave.

Thank You, God, for restoring my health once the surgery is completed. Thank You for giving me another chance in life so that I can continue to serve You and glorify Your Name. As I resume my life following surgery, I pray that You would always allow me to be a salt and light to others around me. Please assist me in living my life in conformity with Your desire.

I pledge my body, as well as my soul, to You once more. Be with me during this operation, and especially with the doctors. All of this I pray in Your Name, Amen.

Before Surgery, Say a Prayer for a Friend

Catholic Prayers Before Surgery
Catholic Prayers Before Surgery

Dearest Jesus, My pal is preparing to have a delicate surgery. I’m worried about his health just thinking about the operation. But, Lord, I believe You are sovereign. You have command of the situation. The fate of my friend is in Your hands. I beg that You surround me with Your serenity so that I won’t be concerned, and that You also touch my buddy with Your mighty healing hands.

God, bless the surgeons as well. As they operate on my friend, give them steady, skillful hands. Keep their wits alert during the procedure, so that every move they make benefits my friend’s suffering body.

Finally, thank You, Lord, for the healing you will bestow on my companion. Thank You for giving him another chance to enjoy his life. Thank You for the extra time I’ll have to spend with him, and I hope he’ll be able to spend time with me again soon. All of this I beseech in Your Name, Amen.

Prayer for Someone Going Through Surgery

Dear Lord, I’m worried about a loved one who is on the operation table right now. I can’t help but feel concerned when the surgeon performs the surgeries on her. I’ve got a lot of questions regarding how she’s doing in my head. I understand, God, that this procedure is no longer in my hands, which is why I’m come to You today.

Father, I entrust my loved one’s life to You. You are the creator of life and the ultimate healer. Take excellent care of her, God, as she is about to undergo surgery. Take away whatever is causing her body to malfunction.

Be with the surgeon as he performs this delicate operation, Lord. Allow him to do no harm to the body of my loved one. Throughout the surgery, he should direct his hands. Allow him to find and remove the source of the ailment. Allow his hands to be as gentle as a feather while he slices the flesh open and then repairs it back up. Let no harm come to my loved one’s body.

I also ask, God, that You show Yourself to my loved one in a very personal way during this surgery. Allow her to feel Your love personally. Reveal to her Your reason for permitting this situation in her life. God, may she come to know You more deeply as a result of this predicament. Allow her to experience Your serenity that beyond all comprehension. I have faith that You will keep an eye on her throughout the procedure. She needs You now more than ever, and I thank You for being there for her. God, keep her in Your loving arms. Be her solace as she lies on the surgery table.

Continue to be with her as she recovers from surgery, God. Allow her to feel Your love even more deeply by giving her a second chance at life. Allow her, Lord, to live her life for Your glory while also being a blessing to those she loves. All of this I pray in Your Name, Amen.

List of 10 Powerful Catholic Prayers to Say Before Surgery:

1.) Heavenly Father, as I undergo this procedure, I take refuge in Your unchanging promises. Protect my physical body while the surgeon does surgery on me. Lord, send Your Spirit to the surgeon so that he can assist me in regaining my health. I believe in You, God, as my healer, and that it is only through You that my health will be restored.

Allow me to be fearless, Father, even while I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Be my solace. Allow Your love and mercy to accompany me even through this surgery. Please be there for me at this time when I am at my most vulnerable. Please give me peace of mind so that I don’t have to worry. All of this I pray in Your Name, Amen.

2.) Most kindly, Lord, Today, while I lay on the operation table, I entrust my life to You. May Your hand be on the surgeons and doctors who will perform the surgery. Allow them to serve as an extension of Your healing hands. Allow them to be the instruments that will assist me in regaining my strength. As I fall asleep from the anesthetic, I implore You to always be with me. Please allow me to sense Your presence. Allow Your calm to envelop me even while I am sleeping. I believe in Your promise, God, that when I call on you for assistance, you will heal me. All of this I beseech in Your Name, Amen.

3.) Heavenly Father, the author of life, thank You for allowing me to have this life-saving surgery. Thank You for the doctors, nurses, and surgeons who will be Your healing channels for me today. Thank You for endowing them with sharp minds that know exactly what to do, steady hands that can gently assist in the healing of my body, and caring hearts that always prioritize their patients. God, I ask that You keep an eye on everything that happens throughout this operation. Please assist the surgeons in causing no harm to my body. Allow me to rest in Your peace, God, as I wait for a full recovery. I will be eternally grateful to You for giving me a second opportunity at life. I entrust all parts of this procedure to You, Lord, because You are in complete charge of everything. I pray in Your Name, Amen.

4. Dear God, I am facing a surgery today that makes me nervous and terrified. I beseech You to keep me safe when I enter the operating room and the physicians work on my body. Please guide the surgeon’s hand while they complete the task at hand. Give them wisdom in all their decisions, and allow me to rely on You for strength.

Allow Your presence to accompany me when I enter the doctor’s office today. As You promised, be with me. You’ve sworn to never leave or forsake me. Stay with me as I awaken and begin the journey of healing and recovery.

Thank You that I have nothing to fear because You are beside me. Please let this surgery to go smoothly and allow me to serve You for the rest of my life. Please help me to persevere until the end, when Jesus returns. I put my trust in You, Lord, in all seasons and at all times. In Jesus’ name, be with me today.


5. Please, God, Today, I give You my loved one. Thank You for providing them as a present to me. I believe You have complete control over everything and that You will be in the operating room with them when I am unable to.

You are the Author and Creator of life. Nothing can exist without You. You are the source of our very next breath. Today, keep my loved one in the palm of Your hand.

Whatever happens, I have faith in You because You are my God. Please allow this procedure to go as easily and without issues as possible. Allow the healing process to be rapid, relaxing, and painless. In the name of Jesus,


6. Dear God, thank you for being with me today as I prepare for surgery. You have promised in Your Word that You will go before me. Even if I don’t always feel You around, I know and believe that You are.

Thank You for the surgery that is taking place today. Thank You that Your Presence will surround me and ease my mind while I am asleep in the operating room. I am eternally grateful that You are constantly with me.

Thank You for the doctors and nurses who will be assisting me. Bless them today, and allow me to be a reflection of Your grace to them. May You be credited with the success of today’s procedure.

Thank you for looking after me. Thank You for pledging to stay with me and to never leave or abandon me. Remind me of this fact all the time. Thank You for Your valuable pledges. In the name of Jesus,


7. Dear God, I recognize that You alone created and manage all things. One thing I can’t control is the outcome of my surgery, and my anxieties and worries often get the best of me.

Today, I need to experience Your presence and be reminded of the truth: You hold everything in Your hands. Today, as I lie beneath the surgeon’s touch and my body begins to recover, I dedicate myself to Your sovereignty.

Lord, I believe You are the Sovereign over all things and my Healer. Assist me in relying on Your power rather than my own. In the name of Jesus,


8. Dear God, my spouse is having surgery today. Help me to be a good support for them at every stage of the process and to be a reflection of Your unconditional love to them through this difficult time. Thank You for bringing them into my life and for serving as a continuous reminder of Your love to me.

Please provide the physicians advice on how to perform my spouse’s surgery today. Please heal my husband as soon as possible and give them grace in this next season of healing.

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Allow Your presence to be with them right now. As they prepare for surgery, give them comfort and remind them that You are with them. Thank You for being with us today and bringing us comfort. In the name of Jesus,


9. Dear Lord, I place my child in Your hands as they prepare for surgery. Thank you so much for all of the good moments we’ve had and the joy you’ve brought into my life. Please look after them while I am away from them for a short time.

Heal whatever ails them and guide the doctor’s and nurse’s hands to accomplish what needs to be done correctly, cautiously, and fast. Help my child not to be terrified and to feel Your touch on them while they are left alone in a strange room with strangers.

Keep an eye on them, protect them, and keep them healthy. Allow them to heal quickly and without further issues. Thank You for being with us both today, Lord. In the name of Jesus,


10. Dear God, my grandfather is having surgery today, and I am worried about them. Please give my grandparents some serenity as they prepare for surgery.

Keep Your healing hand on them and the surgeon’s hand stable as they carefully mend what is bothering my grandma.

Please allow my grandfather to heal quickly and completely, with no difficulties. Demonstrate to them how much they are loved by their family and friends, and use this to draw them closer to You. Lord, may You receive all the honor.

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Thank You so much for bestowing the gift of grandparents on me and for their influence in my life. Allow them to influence and encourage more individuals on this planet. In the name of Jesus,


Going into surgery can elicit a great deal of dread and fear in our souls. Praying to God before surgery is one technique for Christians to soothe their anxious emotions.

What may Christians pray before undergoing surgery? Before surgery, Christians might pray for protection, health, and safety. Before the operation, Christians might also pray to the Lord to guide the surgeon’s hand and to grant doctors and nurses wisdom on how to proceed. We can pray scripture over our loved ones and over ourselves to remind ourselves of who God is and what He has promised us. Before going into surgery, Christians might pray and seek for reminders that the Lord is with them.

Before having surgery, we might say several prayers for our loved ones, family members, friends, acquaintances, and ourselves.

In Jesus’ name, may the people we’ve mentioned be of great assistance to you.


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