20 Powerful Catholic Prayers For Lost Things

The “Unfailing Prayer to St Anthony” is a Catholic Prayers For Lost Things that asks Saint Anthony of Padua for help in retrieving lost objects.

It is one of today’s most popular prayers and has been used for centuries by Catholics all across the world.


It is generally used to locate misplaced items such as keys or other small objects.


There are several variants of this prayer, but all of them beg St. Anthony for assistance in finding the object that is being prayed for, whether it is a person’s soul or simply an item that someone wants back.

Practicing the Unfailing Prayer to St. Anthony

This prayer to St. Anthony is quite effective. Some people believe that saying the prayer in the evening can increase your chances of discovering your missing item.

Others believe that praying while kneeling on holy ground near an object associated with St Anthony, such as a statue or a portrait of him, is more helpful.

The actual Catholic Prayers For Lost Things

Catholic Prayers For Lost Things
Catholic Prayers For Lost Things


The exact prayer is as follows (however feel free to modify it to fit your own situation):

God be praised in His Angels and Saints.

O Holy St. Anthony, gentlest of Saints, your love for God and Charity for His creatures made you worthy of possessing supernatural powers while on earth. Encouraged by this concept, I beg you to get…

[Insert your suggestion here].

O gentle and compassionate St. Anthony, whose heart was always full of human sympathy, speak my supplication into the ears of the precious Infant Jesus, who loved to be nestled in your arms; and my heart’s thankfulness will be yours forever. Amen.


Who is Saint Anthony ?

Saint Anthony is commonly regarded as the Patron Saint of misplaced items.

On August 15, 1195, he was born in Lisbon, Portugal. On June 13, 1231, he died at Padua, Italy.

He was a Catholic priest as well as a Franciscan Order friar.

He is also known as “Saint Anthony of Padua O.F.M.,” which stands for Order of Friars Minor.

He was well-known for his fervent preaching style, extensive understanding of the Bible, and love to the least fortunate.

On January 16, 1946, Pope Pius XII declared him to be a “Doctor of the Church.”

Losing something as simple as a wallet or phone can be upsetting, especially if the item is irreplaceable, such as a diamond wedding ring, an old photo of a loved one, or even a child’s teddy bear! Two short prayers are included below, both of which beseech God for assistance in regaining what has been lost. This page also includes three bible verses about locating misplaced items and a short film begging God for peace, guidance, and direction.

Catholic Prayer for misplaced items

Father, You are constantly with us, walking with us, providing us love, truth, and hope every day. I beg you to expose the priceless item I’ve misplaced. You understand how important this thing is to me. I’m confident you’ll guide me to it. Please return it to me.
Thank you, Lord, for your ongoing comfort and care.

Car keys were misplaced, and a cell phone went lost. A son who has abandoned God, or a father who has gone to drugs. There are numerous ways in which we and the things around us can become disoriented. The outcomes are the same whether deliberate or unintentional. Confusion. Disarray. Worry. These are just a few adjectives to describe how we feel when we’ve lost our way.

That is when we must make a decision: hunt for what has been lost or accept the fact that it has not been found. We may be in a hurry to retrieve our automobile, but do we have the same urgency about reconciling with God? We may seek tirelessly for a misplaced cell phone, but do we pray as fervently for a missing child?

How can we, as Christians, respond to the things that have been lost? How do we respond when we are at a loss? We should get down on our knees and pray for lost things, to find them, or to be found.

Continue reading if you or someone you know is experiencing the lost feeling. We will look at Scripture that provides hope in the midst of feeling lost. This statement will remind us that misplaced items may be found, and individuals who have turned away can be redirected. Following that, we’ll look at three ways we might utilize prayer for lost things to find hope.

Is it biblical to pray for lost items?

There is biblical precedent for praying for missing items. The Prodigal Son is a well-known story that appears in a parable delivered by Jesus (Luke 15:11-32). A father raised two boys, both of whom are now adults, in this story. The younger son demanded his inheritance before it was due. The father complied and divided the inheritance among his sons, giving each a fair amount.

The older brother was in charge of his inheritance and stayed at home with his father. The younger brother did the inverse: he ran away from home and spent the money. This brother became disoriented in a variety of ways. He lost his money, felt lonely in a foreign country, and lacked the stability he had at home.

The younger son was then given the option of remaining lost or embarking on a search. He chose the latter, preferring to rejoin with his father and be financially, emotionally, and spiritually rehabilitated (Luke 15:18-19). The father was overjoyed to see his kid return home. While the son was content to be nothing more than a hired hand, the father offered his younger son more than he asked for. Why? The father was thrilled that his long-lost son had been recovered.

“Then bring the fattened calf and slaughter it, and let us celebrate with a feast,” the father exclaimed, “for this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found!” (Matthew 15:23–24)

This tale teaches us an essential lesson: what is lost can be found, as can people who are lost.

What Does the Bible Say About Finding Lost Items?Catholic Prayers For Lost Items

According to one reading of this tale, God is the father, and Christians are represented by both sons. Let us begin with a fundamental truth: God blesses His children. God may bless us with marriages, children, job, knowledge, abilities, and other things. As Christ’s followers, we can use those blessings properly, living life as God has ordered. On the other hand, we can utilize God’s benefits carelessly and live our lives in ways that contradict God’s principles.

When we are with God, we are found, but when we are not with Him, we are lost.

To be found when we are lost, we must do as the prodigal son in the aforementioned parable did. He accepted defeat after losing everything he thought made him powerful and worthy. The son was humbled. He then devised a strategy to improve his life. That plan entailed returning home, informing his father what he was willing to do, and keeping his promise.

When the son was reunited with his father, he sought forgiveness and repentance for his wrongdoing. The father was relieved to see his son again. Similarly, God is always relieved to see us again.

We may use this narrative to define four essential steps for locating misplaced items.

1. Humble Ourselves: We can become lost due to an accident, our pride, or our incompetence. Whatever the reason, we must accept we are lost before we can take actions to be found.

2. Make a plan: Simply stating that we want to be found is not enough; we must also establish specific activities for ourselves based on the situation.

3. Seek forgiveness: Part of humbling oneself is acknowledging fault when necessary, and where fault exists, there is reason to seek forgiveness.

4. Repentance: In order to avoid becoming lost again, we must change our character, just as the prodigal son changed his character after reuniting with his family.

These are all helpful procedures for being located, however they do not always include missing objects. Prayer is the one thing we can always do for others who are lost, for ourselves when we are lost, or for something essential to us when it is lost.

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“Therefore, I tell you, whatever you pray for and ask for, believe that you have received it and that it is yours.” (Matthew 11:24)

Here are 3 Catholic Prayers For Lost Things:

1. Faith’s Prayer for Lost Items

Father in Heaven,

Are you able to see me? Can you hear what I’m saying? Do you know who I am?

I’m hoping you can hear this prayer since I’m not sure I can right now. Too often, I talk, yet no one hears. Even when I scream, no one hears me. My faith is now shaken. My faith is a mess. How could I have felt so close to you yesterday but now find it difficult to believe?

I used to have faith, but now I’m skeptical.

I want to believe in you, Lord. I want to believe. Please assist my skepticism. Remind me of all your wonderful deeds, both in my own life and in the lives of people around me. Remind me of your love and care, your provision, and your tremendous wonders, which I see every day but fail to see.

God, I know how I feel, but it’s not the truth. I require your assistance. Despite my reservations, I want to believe. Despite my difficulties, I want to believe. Please assist my skepticism.


2. People’s Prayer for Lost Items


I’d like to offer a prayer for all the lost souls, those who have abandoned their faith, their families, and their friends. I’d like to say a prayer for those who have lost faith in what is good and have turned to what is wrong. I know we’ve all played the prodigal son role, but just as the son was found, so can we. Please assist us in turning away from immorality, self-righteousness, and erroneous beliefs that impede us from holding to your truth.

We are separated from you and are lost, but what is lost can be found. Please assist us in locating ourself. Lord, please assist us in locating you.


3. Motivational Prayer for Lost Items

Please, Lord, hear me now.

You have made your wishes known. You’ve even addressed me by name, but Lord, I refuse to move. I’m finding it difficult to motivate myself to move forward, to continue on my road, to live the life you’ve called me to. Sin is there and convenient, yet it is not what you want for me.

I would appreciate it if you could energise my spirit. Give me the motivation to keep moving forward with the life you’ve given me. Give me the courage to conquer the challenges I confront.

I pray that I don’t use the day to sin or seek myself, but rather to seek you and your righteousness.

I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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