10 Powerful Catholic Prayers For The Dying

This collection of powerful supplications contains some of the best catholic prayers for the dying. Giving thanks for their life, ask the Lord to console them and deliver them into His kingdom. We will all die physically one day, so let us put our faith in Jesus for eternal life, who has redeemed us from sin and spiritual death.

Before Dying, Pray to Know Jesus

Jesus, Lord, Please into my life. I believe you were buried and then resurrected. I believe you will spend eternity in heaven. Please cleanse me of all unrighteousness. Please forgive me for all of my sins. Step inside my heart. I appoint you as my Lord and Savior. Thank you for making this sacrifice. I gratefully accept your gift of eternal redemption. Amen.

Catholic Prayers For The Dying
Catholic Prayers For The Dying

A Prayer for Someone Who Is Dying

Your holy Word, Gracious Father, tells us that our times are in your hands. Please accept our prayers for and their family as they approach the end of their earthly existence. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, comfort them with your generous promises of sin forgiveness, bodily resurrection, and everlasting life.

2 Dying People’s Prayers

1. Almighty, eternal God, heavenly Father, comfort, strengthen, and save this your servant through your goodness. Deliver them from all sorrow and distress, release them in your grace, and receive them into your kingdom through Jesus Christ, your dear Son, our only Lord, Savior, and Redeemer. Amen.

2. Almighty, eternal God, have compassion on this dying person’s anguished sighs and groans. Accept them into your kingdom, which you have graciously prepared for them and all Christians since the beginning of time. O Lord, graciously release them and console them forever with the elect; through your loving Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Pray for Someone Who Is Near DeathPray for Someone Who Is Near Death

O God, our heavenly Father, have mercy on your children who are in extreme bodily weakness and are on the verge of death. Send your lovely Son to meet them on the way, and to stay with them till the day is done, that he may comfort them with the Word of your goodness, and break with them the bread of eternal life; through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A Prayer of Solace for the Dying Person.

Assist [Insert Name] in finding their serenity. Allow them to feel your comfort. Assist them in feeling at ease, knowing that you love and care for them. Calm their soul as they pass through the gates of the afterlife. May they spend eternity with you; may they live in your company forever. Amen.

A Prayer for the Dying’s Family

God, Bring peace to this family. Make yourself available to them for their comfort. Let them know how much you adore each and every one of them. Lead them to the day when they will be reunited with their loved one. Sit with them in their bereavement. Allow your presence to bring relief. Thank you for the gift of life that [Insert Dying Name] gave to the world. May he rest in peace with you for all eternity. Amen.

When we learn that a loved one or a friend is dying, our bodies are filled with emotions. When we hear or read that someone is dying, we may begin to experience feelings of sadness, despair, and loss. We discover how situations have changed through prayer chains at church, phone calls, in person, or social media. Sometimes those changes occur quickly, while other times they occur gradually.

Prayers for the dying are frequently sought in crucial situations. Our reaction demonstrates our affection for God’s handiwork.

An unanticipated accident, a vehicle crash, or another occurrence may have occurred. Another situation when prayers are required is when a medical condition that has been treated with for years has been given no possibility of recovery.

A great friend of my husband and mine recently went to be with the Lord. David has been dealing with major medical concerns for some years. Nonetheless, the news of his death brought me to my knees.

I am grateful to have known this dear Lord’s servant. I prayed for him when he was still alive. I prayed for his wife Barbara and their family while he was alive and will continue to do so in the future.

Prayers can bring solace to those who are in mourning. Prayers for the dying are one way to connect with God.

There may be instances when words fail to flow. God understands what’s in our hearts. If you are having difficulty praying for the dying, ask God for assistance.

Prayers for a Painless Death

Prayers for a Painless Death
Prayers for a Painless Death

Father, this obedient servant of God is nearing the conclusion of his earthly life. Please be with this person and keep Your peace over them. Amen. In the name of Your Son, Jesus.

Please, Heavenly Father, remove all anxiety from your kid. Cover them in the serenity and comfort that only You can give. Amen.

Dear God, we don’t know what time You’ll call your servant home. Please make this person feel Your presence. Their respiration should be relaxed, and their body should be calmed. Thank you so much, Amen.

Almighty God, creator of Heaven and Earth, our friend is on the verge of death. Give them peace by covering them with Your protective hedge. Amen.

Thank You, Lord, for this person whom we adore. Thank you for the time we spent together. We pray for a gentle death for this loved one. We are grateful for Your affection. Amen.

Prayers of Divine Mercy for the Dying

When someone is dying, praying to God is critical to the relationship between the one praying, the dying person, and God. Perhaps a person is unaware of the Lord. Perhaps they have abandoned their faith in the Holy Father. These are occasions for us to pray and ask God to assist the dying person in drawing closer to Him. Several prayers are included in the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

The Lord’s Prayer serves as a reminder of His love and will. When we pray this prayer, we are requesting divine mercy from the Father. Before performing the Divine Mercy Prayers for the Dying, the sign of the cross is made. Rosary beads might also be held during the prayers.

Prayers for the Dying Father’s Families, I pray for the bereaved families. Be there for them as they begin the healing process. Remind them of Your affection. Thank you so much, Amen.

God, my eyes are welling up with tears, and my heart is breaking. Please surround the bereaved families with Your presence and peace. Amen, in the name of Jesus.

Heavenly Father, your children are mourning the loss of a loved one. As You promised, collect their tears. Provide them with solace. Amen.

God, please give me the words to say to the dying person’s family. Allow the words to soothe their souls. Amen.

Thank You, Abba, for the opportunity to pray for the dying’s family. They require Your assistance. Hold them in Your loving arms as they go through this difficult time. Amen, in the name of Your Son.

Friends of the Dying: Catholic Prayers

Father, I pray for the bereaved’s friends. Help them remember to come to You when they are overwhelmed with grief. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

God, assist the dying’s friends to understand Your love and forgiveness. Amen.

Please, Heavenly Father, cover the friends of the dying with Your protective hedge. Remind them recall the fun moments they had together and the special memories they had with their friend. Amen.

Lord, help the dying’s friends to come to You at all times. Amen.

God, aid the friends of the dying to understand how to assist the family in their sorrow journey. Thank You for caring about us. Amen.

Lord, please provide these friends serenity and tranquillity. They have begun the process of bereavement. Amen.

List of 10 Effective Catholic Prayers for the Dying:

Praying for someone who is dying for peace, comfort, and salvation in Jesus Christ is one of the most powerful things we can do for them. Here are ten effective prayers for a dying person. There are printable visuals to go along with the prayers that you may use or share.

Prayer for the End Times

Lord of our Salvation, as our loved one nears the end of his life, we ask that You would relieve him of his suffering. Give him assurance that being absent from the body means being present with You because he trusts in Jesus. As soon as he is able, assist him in resolving financial and other issues. Assist him in spending quality time with family and friends in these final days. Amen.

Prayer for a Loved One Suffering from End-Stage Cancer

Most Compassionate Lord, I pray for my loved one who is nearing the end of her cancer treatment. Assist her in understanding that she has not lost her struggle, and that she will soon be with You in Paradise. In these latter days, may she lift her eyes to You for assistance. If she needs to make amends with anyone, she should do it right now. Assist her in preparing her heart for eternity with You and in sharing her faith with others. Amen.

Prayer for a Painless Death

Provider of tranquility, I intercede for this loved one, requesting that You grant him a peaceful death. Give him peace of mind in knowing that You will raise him up in the final days. Ease his worries of dying and any discomfort he may be experiencing. Assuage his worries about those he’ll be leaving behind. May he know that his assistance comes from You, Creator of heaven and earth. Remind him that those who put their faith in You will be with You eternally. Amen.

Prayer for Solace

God, our Helper, we present to You a loved one who is on the verge of death. We pray that You will anoint her and her family with a comforting anointing. Let them know that there is forgiveness with You. May they be comforted in knowing that You are a source of loving devotion and abundant redemption. May our loved one find solace in knowing she is at peace with You and her family is at peace with her and with one another. Amen.

Hope’s Prayer

Dear Father, we beseech You to instill hope in our loved one, who has been given a bleak prognosis. Remind her that people who are in Christ Jesus are without condemnation. May she focus her thoughts on the things of the Spirit. Give her hope that even when her body dies, her spirit will live on because of the righteousness purchased by Jesus on the cross. Assist her in waiting patiently for the hope that has been placed before her. Amen.

Salvation Prayers

Merciful One, we beseech you to save a loved one who is on the verge of death. May he turn to You, Immortal One, as he confronts his mortality. Assist us in guiding him to the truth and bearing witness to the eternal life that awaits all who call on Your name. May he repent and be pardoned for his sins. May he have faith in his heart that Your death and resurrection have made it possible for him to live eternally with You. Amen.

Mercy Beseeched

God, our Refuge, we pray for our loved one who is nearing the end of her life. We beseech You to have pity on her. We beseech You to take away the suffering that she is feeling in her body. And we hope that her heart is ready to meet You soon. Remind her that for those who are in Christ, mercy prevails over judgment. May she remain in God’s love as she waits for the kindness of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring her eternal life. Amen.

Prayers for a Loved One in Hospice

We lift our dear one who has been admitted to hospice care to God, our Stronghold. May You bring comfort to her body and kind carers to assist her. May you comfort her family and provide them with lovely memories of her final days. May she have faith in Jesus, who is able to guard her from stumbling and to present her blameless before Your glorious presence with much delight. Amen.

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Prayer for the Loss of a Loved One One.

God of Comfort, we pray that Your loving arms would wrap around the family and friends of this recently deceased loved one. We hope that You will lessen their grief and loss. May You comfort them as they go through the grief process. You are surely near to the brokenhearted, and You help those whose spirits are crushed. May they experience Your presence with them when they miss the companionship of a loved one. Amen.

Prayer for Bereaved Family’s Anxiety and Uncertainty.

Lord our Comfort, we intercede for this family who has lost a dear one. We hope that You will alleviate any uneasiness or doubt they may be experiencing. Give them solace in knowing that their loved one is now face to face with You. Relieve any financial burden they may be experiencing, and may these concerns be resolved as soon as possible. Assuage their fears about life without their loved one. Assist them with all of the chores that need to be completed in the coming days, weeks, and months. Amen.

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