25 Powerful Catholic Prayers To Guardian Angel

We frequently think of guardian angels as a particular angel solely for children, Catholic Prayers To Guardian Angel will help you know more , but the truth is that we all have a guardian angel for the duration of our lives. God has given us angels as a gift. They keep an eye on us, assist us in prayer, enlighten, guide, and defend us.

Both the Old and New Testaments reference angels, and many saints have had visions of their guardian angels. We can only hope that our Guardian Angel will assist us on our way to eternal happiness in Heaven.

Catholic Prayers To Guardian Angel
Catholic Prayers To Guardian Angel

You are so nice, God, that you sent me a Guardian Angel to protect both my body and soul. Help me to recognize and follow my angel so that I can be worthy of being in Heaven with You!

Every day of my life, my lovely Guardian Angel, you are my counselor. Inspire me to be as holy and good as you are. Inspire me to be the person God wants me to be. Motivate me to be a light for others to come to know and love the Lord.

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You are always with me, so you are already aware of my goals, which I want you to convey to the Lord. (Insert your intentions here…)

My guardian angel, my counselor, motivate and inspire me!

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Amen.


While saying your nighttime prayers, remember to ask your guardian angel to protect and intercede for you! Many Catholic saints and others have testified to the effectiveness of praying to their guardian angels. Angels can manifest themselves in actual and surprising ways in each of our lives! Here are a few evening prayers to say to your guardian angel at the end of the day, before going to bed. These prayers can be said in addition to a more comprehensive prayer addressed directly to God.

Catholic Short Prayer To Guardian AngelCatholic Short Prayer To Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel Angel of God, my loving guardian, to whom God’s love commits me here, be by my side this day/night, to light, guard, rule, and guide.

Catholic Night Prayer To Guardian Angel

Good evening, my Guardian Angel.
The day has flown by; well spent or not, its story has been recorded for posterity.
And now, by God’s gracious Providence, watch over me while I slumber, Thou pure and bright image——-
Good night, my Angel!

The Catholic Prayer of St. Gertrude to One’s Guardian Angel

O most holy Angel of God, sent by God to be my protector, I thank thee for all the blessings bestowed on me in body and soul.
I honor and glorify thee for deigning to support me with such patient fidelity, and to defend me against all my adversary’s assaults.
Blessed be the hour when thou wast appointed to me as my guardian, defender, and patron.
In recognition and return for all thy loving services to me, I present thee the infinitely priceless and noble Heart of Jesus, and I firmly intend to obey thee from now on, and to serve my God most faithfully. Amen.

Our Guardian Angel’s Catholic PrayerOur Guardian Angel's Catholic Prayer

God sent an angel to lead me, to be my light and to walk by me; to be my guardian and protector; and to direct my steps in life.

God’s Angel Catholic Prayer

Angel of God, my lovely guardian, to whom God’s love commits me here, be by my side this day (or night) to illuminate, guard, rule, and guide.

St. Michael’s Prayer

This prayer is frequently spoken following the Rosary.

St. Michael the Archangel, protect us in war. Be our shield from the devil’s wickedness and snares. May God reprimand him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the celestial host, throw into hell Satan and other wicked spirits who prowl throughout the globe seeking the ruin of souls by the power of God.

Angels are always present in your environment. They are keeping an eye on you and leaving traces of their presence in your daily life. That does not, however, imply that they will always intervene in your life without your permission. They may withhold their support until you recognize that you require it. In such cases, you may be stubborn or contradictory. You might even get resentful. After all, why else would your angels have deserted you? Don’t give up. Your angels have not abandoned you. They haven’t abandoned you. They are merely waiting for you to contact them and ask for their assistance. If you’ve recently felt like your angels have been less than helpful, take a moment to reflect on your own behavior. Have you actively attempted to contact your angels? Have you sought for their assistance, or have you simply expected them to step in and solve your problems while you stay unaware of their presence? If you haven’t done your share yet, start now. Use these six petitions to summon your angels and receive their divine direction and aid.

Some angels specialize in certain areas. St. Michael the Archangel, for example, is well-known for guarding Christians from evil, temptation, and injury. As a result, when you need protection, Archangel Michael is a good angel to call on. This could include protection from physical injury as well as mental or spiritual assaults. “St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil,” is the traditional prayer for calling on St. Michael. We humbly ask that God reprimand him, and that you, O Prince of the Heavenly host, hurl into hell Satan and all the wicked spirits who prowl throughout the earth seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.” Even if you do not intend to engage in a typical, physical fight, you can probably recall moments when you were “battling” against a backstabbing coworker, a liar neighbor, or a two-faced friend. Michael can still protect you in those fights if you call out to him and ask for his help in weathering the storm.

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Your angels may appear to have abandoned you at times because they are waiting for you to try to address the situation on your own. No one appreciates it, but even angels practice tough love on those instances when you really need a kick in the pants. Do not believe that the angels have abandoned you to wallow helplessly. Even when your angels force you to tackle a problem on your own, you are not alone. They are there for you and will assist you if you actually require it. They will, however, not finish the task for you. If you feel as if you’re sinking, remember that the angels will keep your head above water. They will not let you drown, but it is your responsibility to swim to shore. If you can tell that your angels are present and listening, but they seem to be withholding open aid, it could be a hint that this is a challenge you must tackle on your own.

Do you realize you have a personal angel? No, not just someone you care about! The Guardian Angel Prayer honors a great celestial entity!

God, in His immense love for us, gives each of us our own unique guide, a guardian angel, at birth to keep us on our journey to heaven.

Guardian angels keep an eye on us, pray for us, and assist guide our thoughts and desires. They can even shield us from both physical and spiritual damage!

The Guardian Angel Prayer expresses this fairly well:

Angel of God, my lovely guardian, to whom God’s love commits me here, be by my side this day [or night] to light and guard, to reign and guide. Amen.

Christ Himself alluded to Guardian Angels when he said of infants, “their angels in heaven constantly see the face of my Father who is in heaven” (Matt 18:10).

In response to this text, St. Jerome exclaimed, “How great is the value of the (human) soul that every single person has received an angel for his protection from birth.”

St. Basil, one of his contemporaries in the fourth century, once remarked that “every one of the faithful has an angel at his side as educator and guide, leading his life.” (Doesn’t this seem similar to the Guardian Angel Prayer?)

Other theologians, like as St. Clement and St. Gregory the Great, observed that each country, city, town, hamlet, and even family has its own Guardian Angel!

Angels are unadulterated souls. In Biblical times, they frequently brought significant messages, like as when the angel Gabriel informed Mary that she would be the mother of Jesus (Luke 1:26-38). (In fact, the term “angel” is derived from the Greek word “angelos,” which means “messenger.”)

Angels were also responsible for saving three boys who were thrown into a blazing furnace after defying the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar (as portrayed in the image at left) (Daniel, Ch.3); and rescuing St. Peter from prison (Acts 12:6-10).

The Guardian Angel Prayer, like another well-known prayer to St. Michael, reminds us not to take these fortunate angels for granted.

St. Bernard urged the faithful to “make the holy angels your friends [and] honor them by your prayers.” “Never do in the presence of your Angel what you would not do in my presence,” he continued.

We must appreciate and cherish our Guardian Angels while having faith in their protection, which we all desperately need at times!

This is owing in large part to the deeds of their adversaries, the fallen angels, sometimes known as demons. While it is true that misery enjoys company, these demonic spirits have no love for humanity, and certainly no love for God (or anything else for that matter)!

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They seek to drag us down to Hell with them by tempting us with wicked and nasty acts. Fortunately, our Guardian Angels can assist us in following in our Lord’s footsteps on the path to Heaven.

As previously said, angels can assist us in both physical and spiritual protection. There have been several reports, for example, of people being rescued from dangerous situations by unknown strangers who then vanish as quickly as they emerged!

Although these anecdotes are anecdotal, they demonstrate the importance of angels in our lives and inspire us to seek their assistance in our prayers.

We can also imitate our angels, as we do our Lord, in the small (and not-so-small!) things we do to support one another, especially those in need.

At first look, the Guardian Angel Prayer may appear to be nothing more than a nursery rhyme, but it can motivate us to be open to our Angels’ Heavenly counsel.

Your words, prayers, and acts, with God’s and their assistance, can assist others in navigating what can be a perilous path to Eternal Life. And your Guardian Angel is delighted to assist you in spreading God’s love!

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