40 Prayer Points For Surrender and Repentance

40 Prayer Points For Surrender and Repentance – Things alter after the fall of man in the Book of Genesis from God’s initial designs for making man in His own image. Man could not have a direct connection with his maker again and had to offer sacrifices according to the Priests’ directives at the time.

Man’s many offerings could not totally atone for him’s sins or bring man to the level God desired him to reach. As a result of God’s compassion for humanity, fresh plans must be devised.

Prayer Points For Surrender and Repentance
Prayer Points For Surrender and Repentance

The only loving son of God, Jesus Christ, was sent from Heaven to bridge the gap between man and God. After he descended, Jesus made disciples and taught them what to do after he may have returned to heaven. Before his ascent to Heaven, Jesus assigned them the most vital role: soul-winning.

Soul winning, often known as evangelism, is the act of bringing man back to his creator. It is the practice of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with a lost sinner. It is creating spirits who will go to paradise. God has given us the task of soul winning, and there is delight in heaven when a sinner is won for Christ. It is a spiritual task assigned to all real children of God.

List Of 40 Prayer Points For Surrender and Repentance:

1. Oh Lord, infuse the Holy Spirit into all evangelistic flyers and fliers and transform them into efficient means for drafting multitudes into your kingdom.

2. Father, in Jesus’ name, may every soul that ever steps into your vineyard through soul-winning outreaches dwell in your sanctuary for life.

3. In Jesus’ name, Father, continue to stir up the spirit of every believer to engage in Kingdom advancement initiatives that result in miraculous development in your sanctuary.

4. In Jesus’ name, Father, smash every gang rising from the depths of hell opposing the church’s continued expansion, and may this result in a steady flood of people to your kingdom.

5. In Jesus’ name, may every soul that enters your church via evangelism dwell permanently in you by the blood of Jesus.

6. In Jesus’ name, Lord, grant all new converts via evangelism a wonderful miracle that will allow them to experience supernatural resources.

7. In Jesus’ name, Father, suppress any voice that distracts a new convert from fellowshipping with the brethren in your temple.

8. In Jesus’ name, Father, may your word be exalted in the life of every worshipper, attracting many more to you.

9. Father, thank you for instilling the enthusiasm of your house in the hearts of every believer in order to carry out productive soul-winning missions in Jesus’ name.

10. In Jesus’ name, Father, we declare vengeance on the gods of the nation who want to stifle the expansion of the church in this land.

11. In Jesus’ name, we eliminate any devilish acts aimed at preventing the church from growing.

12. In Jesus’ name, Lord, may there be a miraculous outpouring of signs and wonders in all soul-winning outreaches.

13. In Jesus’ name, we bind and paralyze any demonic strongholds against the further expansion of your church.

14. In Jesus’ name, my Father, my Father, send more laborers to the harvest field of souls.

15. In Jesus’ name, remove every spirit of bondage and lukewarmness from every lost soul across the harvest field.

16. Oh Lord, surround sinners in the harvest field with thorns so they might turn to the Lord in Jesus’ name.

17. In the name of Jesus, you spirit of death and damnation, liberate every unsaved soul in all locations right now.

18. Father, we bind and throw the power of air away from every lost soul throughout the harvest field, allowing them to freely choose Jesus as their Lord and personal Saviour.

19. In Jesus’ name, let every lost soul pass from the realm of darkness to the kingdom of light.

20. Oh Lord, in the name of Jesus, let your plans and purposes for the life of every unsaved soul triumph in all evangelization outreaches.

21. In the name of Jesus, remove the stone heart of every lost soul throughout all evangelization outreaches and give them a heart of flesh.

22. Oh Lord, in the name of Jesus, dishonor any authority that sponsors wicked decisions and fights against every lost soul.

23. In the name of Jesus, bind and paralyze every spirit of pride at work in the life of every lost soul.

24. In the name of Jesus, we fight the gate of hell, which stands against the redemption of all lost souls.

25. Father, bind and destroy all wicked advisers who discourage unbelievers from embracing Jesus into their lives.

26. In Jesus’ name, Father, remove all curses from the head of every lost sinner.

27. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, we bind and crush every spirit of dispute with the scriptures as we go forth.

28. Oh Lord, give us the correct words to say as we pray for the lost soul in Jesus’ name.

29. Oh Lord, cure the sick and cast out demons through us as we go forth to evangelize in Jesus’ name.

30. In Jesus’ name, Father, grant us zeal and compassion for the lost soul.

31. In the name of Jesus, Father, direct our steps to the plentiful place of harvest.

32. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, deliver every unsaved soul from lies via evangelism and soul winning.

33. In Jesus’ name, Father, assist us to break fresh ground in evangelism and frustrate the Antichrist’s efforts.

34. In Jesus’ name, Father, circumcise every unbelieving heart and make them totally surrender to your reign.

35. In Jesus’ name, Lord, regenerate your spirit in every unbeliever’s body so that they may walk in you and obey your commandments.

36. Oh Lord, open the hearts of every lost individual to believe your message and respond favorably to it as we go out to evangelize in Jesus’ name.

37. In Jesus’ name, we beseech you to grant all lost souls the spirit of repentance, the grace to know the truth and come to the knowledge of the truth.

38. Oh Lord, enlighten unbelieving souls’ spiritual eyes to realize that without Jesus, they cannot fulfill the purpose of their life.

39. Oh Lord, make soul winning a way of life for all Christians, making them devoted and unrepentant soul winners in Jesus’ name.

40. Oh Lord, refresh your spirit in the life of every believer, and let a multitude submit their lives to you each time they make a salvation call, in Jesus’ name.

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