30 Powerful Prayer Points For Victory

30 Powerful Prayer Points For Victory – Victory is achieved when a specific effort has been made to impact on a certain course.

Victory may also refer to the act of winning a fight or duel. Victory is the act of obtaining what our hearts desire after exerting strenuous efforts in the activity.

As God’s children, we must understand that we serve a God of triumph who is always exhibiting His victorious might and strength in our lives.

Prayer Points For Victory
Prayer Points For Victory

God is always battling our fights on our behalf, undetected by us. This clearly demonstrates the importance of engaging in powerful victory prayer in our everyday lives in order to constantly assure our victory in all life’s fights.

God desires that we constantly turn to Him when we encounter a life crisis, since He is always ready to fight our battles on our behalf.

It is our Father’s joy to see us triumphant, therefore we must understand the significance of the prayer of victory and constantly put it to good use.

Prayer is a very vital and effective instrument in any form of battling and waging war against the devil. As a result, we must constantly guarantee that we pray, and in order to demonstrate our deep devotion and desire, fasting must be added to our prayers.

1. In Jesus’ name, I praise your Holy Name for the opportunity of seeing this day as a living soul.

2. In Jesus’ name, I thank you for your love and mercy toward myself and my family.

3. In Jesus’ name, I adore you, Father, for your constant care and supply for me and my home.

4. In Jesus’ name, I adore you, Father, for your tremendous protection over me and my family.

5. In Jesus’ name, I thank you for your tremendous hand working marvels in my life, destiny, career, academics, business, marriage, and ministry.

6. Oh Lord, hear my pleas and answer my prayers in Jesus’ name.

7. In Jesus’ name, Lord, surround myself and my home with your constant love.

8. In Jesus’ name, Father, continue to direct my ways and help me live a safe life.

9. In Jesus’ name, Lord, may your kindness continue to speak for me over my home and all of my endeavors.

10. In Jesus’ name, aid and lead me to be vigilant in my work, profession, and business.

11. Oh Lord, rise in your might and fight my conflicts to achieve my complete triumph in Jesus’ name.

12. Oh Lord, I decree and declare that there shall never be a voice of sadness in my home, but rather of rejoicing, in Jesus’ Name.

13. In Jesus’ name, Oh Lord, arise and put a stop to all my hidden wars.

14. In Jesus’ name, Father, make me victorious and give me reasons to rejoice.

15. My Father, in Jesus’ name, arise in your power and demolish all tenacious adversaries of me life and destiny, ensuring my absolute triumph.

16. In Jesus’ name, Father, make your tremendous hand of triumph a part of my life and destiny.

17. In Jesus’ name, my Father, arise in your might and make me triumphant over every obstinate Goliath battling for my destiny.

18. In Jesus’ name, Father, grant me victory from all angles and elements of my life.

19. Oh Lord, arise in wrath and lead me into all my fights, defeating all my foes who wage war against my destiny in Jesus’ name.

20. Oh Lord, enter my opponents’ camp and put an end to their nefarious machinations against my destiny in Jesus’ name.

21. Oh Lord, arise in your majesty and demolish every satanic altar that denies me victory in Jesus’ name.

22. Oh Lord, arise in your strength and demolish all my adversaries so they cannot escape, in Jesus’ name.

23. Oh Lord, let your hailstone shower down on all my opponents and secure me absolute triumph in Jesus’ name.

24. In Jesus’ name, release your Spirit of Triumph onto me and allow my life to work in miraculous victory against my adversaries.

25. In Jesus’ name, Lord, breathe your word of triumph into my life and all my endeavors.

26. In Jesus’ name, arise and silence every demonic word that sponsors failure in my life and destiny.

27. Oh Lord, arise and crush every force that stands in the way of my victory, in Jesus’ name.

28. In Jesus’ name, my Father, arise and pronounce the last judgment on all demonic spirits waging battle against my destiny.

29. In Jesus’ name, my Father, arise and ensure me triumph against all Haman’s plans for my demise.

30. In Jesus’ name, Father, cover me in your victory garment and make my life glow and evident in your triumph.

31. My Father, I decree and declare that beginning today, I will function and manifest in utter victory in Jesus’ name.

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