40 Strong Prayer Points To Destroy Long Term Problems

40 Strong Prayer Points To Destroy Long Term Problems – There are demons that cause long-term issues in man’s life, but God says these spirits will fall and you will be delivered. Long-term difficulties may be annoying, leading to infuriating tyranny, which is why we as Christians should not take prayer and fasting lightly. Long-term issues are caused by bands of darkness that are unseen to the naked sight, and only the might of God can save and deliver from such bonds.

Prayer Points To Destroy Long Term Problems
Prayer Points To Destroy Long Term Problems

Long-term issues may either be self-inflicted or inherited. We must completely give all in life to God in order for God to guide us as humans and prevent us from making mistakes that would cause eternal issues for us and the unborn.

Many Christians have been kept down in the spiritual realm, generating issues in the physical sphere, and these problems will endure until there is a shaking in the spirit, making life tough, expressionless, frustrated, and hope shattered.

When difficulties continue in a person’s life, it’s time to modify what you’ve been doing and how you’ve been doing it. You must rebuild your life, reflect on your behaviors and inactions, and begin practicing how to put things right. – Prayer Points To Destroy Long Term Problems

To eliminate long-term issues, you must first recover and restore all of the necessary elements. These can be attained by making the necessary modifications in regard to previous mistakes, sins, and ignorance. You must work on yourself, remove self-destructive habits, limit any excesses in your life, surround yourself with people who can give value to your life, and have a good approach and attitude toward life.

You must plan and pray; none is more vital than the other since the combination of both gives the needed results to overcome. Do not focus just on prayers since prayers without forethought will inevitably result in dissatisfaction.

This does not imply you should quit up when no answers are forthcoming; instead, you should continue to pray and plan until something happens. This article provides 40 prayer topics to assist you in eradicating long-term difficulties in your life.

Try to fast while praying and put the concepts described in this article into practice. Breakthrough is almost certain in a short period of time.

List Of 40 Strong Prayer Points To Destroy Long Term Problems:

1. Lord, thank you for giving me life and for maintaining me; be glorified in Jesus’ name.

2. In Jesus’ name, cleanse me of every vexing sin that will stand in the way of my prayers being answered.

3. Evil markings identifying me for evil and spiritual manipulation of demons are cancelled by the blood of Jesus in Jesus’ name.

4. Break the invisible cords that bound my spiritual hands with fire in the powerful name of Jesus.

5. Enemies who are celebrating over long-term troubles in my life, be shamed in Jesus’ name.

6. Break the unknown covenant that has tethered me to the same area for years, generating awkward circumstances, in Jesus’ name.

7. In Jesus’ name, I command the wicked ones’ planned fountain of difficulties to dry up.

8. Break the circle of long-term problems that has encircled my life with fire in the name of Jesus.

9. In Jesus’ name, I shatter the chains of darkness that bind me to sickness, barrenness, delay, and stagnation.

10. In the powerful name of Jesus, Father, make my hands flourish.

11. Oh Lord, stand up in all your power and fight my conflicts in Jesus’ name.

12. In the name of Jesus, I extinguish any difficulties caused by my parents’ error.

13. In Jesus’ name, Lord, I paralyze all enemy targets’ attacks on me.

14. Every anti-breakthrough plan against my life, Father, be shattered in the awesome name of Jesus.

15. In the powerful name of Jesus, I demolish all evil plans from my foundation.

16. In Jesus’ name, Father, dishonor all domestic opponents of my destiny who are battling against my breakthrough.

17. In Jesus’ name, Lord, immobilize every wicked leg that is going about the troubles in my life.

18. In Jesus’ name, I stomp on every foe of my advancement and elevation, Oh Lord.

19. In the great name of Jesus, Father, break the backbone of every wicked sponsor in my life.

20. In the name of Jesus, Lord, increase my shores beyond my dreams.

21. In the name of Jesus, Holy Spirit, close those pockets that contain demonic holes in my life.

22. In the name of Jesus, Lord, I destabilized the power of every strongman in my life.

23. In the powerful name of Jesus, may the head of every sea force and serpent fashioned against my life and destiny be shattered by fire.

24. Oh Lord, eradicate evil from my life and replace it with good from now on, in Jesus’ name.

25. In Jesus’ name, I command that any bad transaction that is now harming my life be canceled.

26. In the great name of Jesus, I command that my life and destiny change for the better.

27. Oh Lord, in the majestic name of Jesus, release me from every recurring difficulty that refuses to go away.

28. In Jesus’ name, grant me a sense of strength and authority that will help me to resist all opponents’ attacks in all aspects of my life.

29. In the powerful name of Jesus, Father, deliver my life and destiny from all Satan’s domination.

30. In Jesus’ name, I decree and declare liberation from every mountain of issues in my life and destiny.

31. In the powerful name of Jesus, Father, bless me and make me triumphant over all of life’s challenges.

32. In Jesus’ name, Father, make me your battle axe to combat all evil sources of troubles and failure in my life and destiny.

33. In the powerful name of Jesus, Father, lead me to my land of favor and breakthrough.

34. Oh Lord, open by fire any good doors in my life that have been closed by wicked demons and principalities in the name of Jesus.

35. In Jesus’ name, Father, dry up all the resources of the evil oppressors of my life and destiny.

36. In the great name of Jesus, Holy Spirit fire, disperse all wicked gangs against my life, family, destiny, and ministry.

37. All impediments to my grandeur, Lord, begin to give way immediately in Jesus’ name.

38. In the name of Jesus, Father, I command that any wicked incantations acting against my life and destiny be returned to their source.

39. In the great name of Jesus, anoint me mightily with oil to thrive in all implications.

40. In the powerful name of Jesus, Father, arise and deliver a lasting answer to all of my life’s long-term issues. Thank you, Lord, for all answered prayers; may you be praised in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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