Prayer To St. Andrew

Prayer To St. Andrew Can be used to Get direct contact to Jesus Christ , This prayer can be used by both Catholics and Non-Catholics.

Prayer To St. Andrew
Prayer To St. Andrew

You were the first to recognize and follow the Son of God, O Glorious St. Andrew.
You stayed with Jesus for your entire life, and now for forever, with your friend, St. John.

Draw us to Christ in the same way you brought your brother, St Peter, and many others after him.
Teach us how to lead them completely out of our love for Jesus and commitment to His service.
Help us to understand the lesson of the Cross and to bear our everyday crosses without complaint, so that they may lead us to God, the Almighty Father.


History Of St. Andrew:

St. Andrew, commonly known as Saint Andrew the Apostle, was one of Jesus’ Twelve Apostles and the brother of St. Peter. He died in 60/70 CE in Patras, Achaia [Greece]. He is both Scotland’s and Russia’s patron saint.

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In the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke), Jesus summoned Peter and Andrew, whose Greek name means “manly,” from their fishing to follow him, promising to make them “fishers of men.” Andrew, together with Saints Peter, James, and John, sought Jesus on the Mount of Olives for indications of the end of the world, which prompted Mark 13’s apocalyptic sermon. In the Bible, Andrew is the first Apostle identified by John, and he was a follower of St. John the Baptist prior to Jesus’ summons.

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