Prayer to St. Cecilia

This Catholic Prayer to St. Cecilia is quite for the patron saint of music and of musicians , Note that this prayer is for Universal Use.

Prayer to St. Cecilia
Prayer to St. Cecilia

O wonderful St. Cecilia, virgin and martyr, you received the martyr’s crown without abandoning your love for Jesus, your soul’s happiness.

We beg you to assist us in remaining true in our love for Jesus, so that in the communion of saints, we may laud Him twice in our song of rejoicing for the Blood that He shed, which gave us the grace to carry out His purpose on earth.


Brief History Of St. Cecilia:

St. Cecilia, often spelled Cecily, (flourished 3rd century, Rome [Italy]; feast day November 22), one of the most famous and historically debated virgin martyrs of the early church. She is the patron saint of musicians and music.

According to a late 5th-century tradition, she was an aristocratic Roman who had promised her virginity to God as a child. When she was forced to marry the future saint Valerian, who was then a pagan, she told him that an angel of God desired for her to remain a virgin. If he was allowed to view the angel, he promised to honor this wish. He would, she said, if he were baptized.

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When he returned from baptism, he discovered Cecilia conversing with the angel. She then converted his brother Tiburtius, who had seen the angel as well. Both guys died before she was martyred. She gave away her goods to the needy, infuriating the prefect Almachius, who ordered her to be burned. She was beheaded when the flames did not hurt her.

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