7 Powerful Prayers for an Addict Husband

7 Powerful Prayers for an Addict Husband – May these prayers be a restoration point for your Addict Husband , God is doing wonders.

Prayers for an Addict Husband
Prayers for an Addict Husband

A Miracle Request

Oh, Jesus, my great Healer, how wonderful Your name is in all the earth. You have exalted Your majesty beyond the heavens. Your miracles are celebrated all over the world, and Your holy name is known to all. Lord, I beseech You to heal my alcoholic spouse. Please work a miracle in my addict husband to heal him of his condition, just as You made the lame walk and the blind see. Even without the evidence of miracles, I believe in You as my God. I have complete faith in Your might and dominance. Nothing can detract from Your magnificence. Thank you very much, Jesus. Amen.

Prayer for Peace in the Way of God

All-powerful God, we know that it is not Your wish for us to succumb to temptation because we know that temptation does not come from You. God, You are aware of my husband’s battle with temptation. You are aware that he is battling addiction. I’m aware that Satan has enslaved and blinded my husband. Please open my husband’s eyes to his sins and the route You want him to take in his life, just as You opened the blind’s eyes. I know from Scripture that You will complete Your job in Your own time and in Your own way. Lord, I am so desperate for my husband’s healing that I need Your aid to calm my anxiety and accept whatever Your plan is for my husband’s life. His life is in Your hands, O Lord. Amen.

God’s Child’s Prayer

Lord, the Great Physician, I know You are omniscient and are aware of the strongholds surrounding my husband and his addiction. But Your Word states that You knew him before he was created in the womb. Lord, You know the plans You have for him, plans for his good and not for his harm, plans for hope and a future. Lord, I beseech You to heal your child. Restore him to full health so that he can be an example of Your workmanship’s glory. Restore in him the strength to remain sober in the face of life’s hardships and to face the reality of this world. By faith, I believe. Amen.

My Husband’s Rescue Prayer

God of all creation, I thank You for this marriage, which I know You have blessed. I thank You for giving me someone with whom to live my life and for joining us in holy matrimony to become one. Oh, Lord, I pray for my alcoholic spouse. I beseech You to deliver him from his demons. Please heal him and keep him from being destroyed. Heal him and transform him into a new person who follows Your will for his life. Fill him with Your Holy Spirit, and he will be a changed man. Amen.

Strengthening Prayer

Heavenly Father, You are capable of doing far more than I could ever ask or imagine. I know addiction is not of You, but it has enslaved my husband. Please enter his heart to heal him. Heal his spirit, mind, and body. Make his mind strong so he can resist the temptations, his body strong so he can battle bodily desires, and his spirit strong so he has a strong desire to become and stay clean. Mend our shattered marriage because drugs and alcohol have no place in our life, now or in the future. Lord, I express my gratitude in advance for saving my husband and our marriage. Amen.

Prayer for the Appropriate Words

Jesus, my Savior, I know You stated we should not be concerned for anything, but we are to submit our requests to You in prayer. Lord, today I ask that You bless my spouse, who is struggling with addiction. He needs to take the first step toward recovery from substance misuse, but I’m at a loss for words to tell him that he needs help. Guide my words and open his heart so that he and I may discuss this issue and work together to solve it. By the power of Your Holy Spirit, change his life. Amen.

In Faith, Prayer is offered

God Almighty, You stated that a prayer offered with confidence will heal the sick individual. I’m praying to You in faith, God. I believe in You and Your ability to heal my spouse from the affliction of addiction. I am confident that You will heal him and cure him of his bad wants. I am confident that You will hear my prayer and heal him of his illness. I’ve seen the splendor of Your strength, and I know You’ll do it again. I pray in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.

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