13 Best Prayers For Change in My Life

13 Best Prayers For Change in My Life – We all want to change in some way, whether we are in a valley or on a mountaintop. These strong prayers for change in my life are only a few instances of the kinds of prayers you might pray to the Lord in order to find a new path.

Prayers For Change in My Life
Prayers For Change in My Life

11:8 Hebrews

Change, King of Glory, is sometimes a frightening notion, yet Your word promotes it, and Your devoted servants accepted it. I hope that I will follow in Abraham’s footsteps and walk in trust as I accomplish the things You have called me to do. Abraham was summoned to go to a location where he would receive an inheritance; he went, not knowing where he was going. Amen. I pray that I, too, go faith-first (rather than feet-first) towards change.

1 Corinthians 15:51-52 & Genesis 1:1

Amazing God, from the beginning You brought about change, You created the heavens and the earth to be void and shrouded by darkness. You bring about change even in death, for Your word declares that we will not sleep, but that we will all be transformed in a second, in the twinkling of an eye, at the final trumpet! Lord, I ask that I accept change in my life since it is frequently proof of You working for my good, Amen.

12:2 (Romans)

God, you are beautiful. I hope that You would assist me in changing the aspects of my life that keep me hooked to the world. I ask for transformation in my life because I do not want to be conformed to this world; rather, I need to be changed by the renewing of my mind, so that through testing I may discover what is Your will, what is good, acceptable, and perfect. Amen. I pray for a transformation/renewal of my thoughts so that I can witness a manifestation of change in the environment around me.

1:9 Joshua

Sacred One, I declare change in my life because I do not want to be stuck in my connection with You or in my worldly position in my ministry. I pray for courage to overcome any anxieties that keep me from embracing change because I know You have instructed me to be strong and bold. I will not be scared or disheartened because You, my God, will be with me as I go through the many stages of life, Amen.

31:8 Deuteronomy

Oh Lord, thank You for going before me and being with me while my life changed. I know You will never abandon me or forsake me, therefore I will remain courageous when life takes unexpected twists or leads me down uncertain pathways. Thank You for being the rock on which I can depend; the rock that never collapses, so that I can walk confidently in change, Amen.

43:19 (KJV)

God of All Things New, I trust that I can achieve transformation in my life via You since You are doing something new! Now it appears; I hope that I recognize it, that I acknowledge that You are the cause of my transformation. Father, thank You for establishing a route in the wilderness and streams in the desert! Lord, I thank You for the changes in my life that have occurred and those that are yet to occur, Amen.

Peter 2:9

Greetings, Father I am excited about the changes that are taking place in my life. I know it is only because of Your love and mercy toward me that You are not slow to fulfill Your promise to me, as some consider slowness, but You have been patient with me, not desiring for my death, but for my repentance. Lord, I thank You for the spiritual transformation that is taking place inside me, and I thank You for the spiritual progress that has happened in my life, Amen.

40:8 (Isaiah)

Righteous God, I pray that while I go through changes in my life, I will cleave to Your word. My surroundings may change, people may come and go, time may pass, the grass withers, and the flower fades, but Your word endures! Lord, I will immerse myself in Your word so that I will be prepared to deal with the next changes. Father, I hope that as things change, the Scriptures will be a source of consolation for me, Amen.

3:6 Malachi

God of Abraham, You existed before the beginning of time! I thank You for being who You are — my unshakeable, immovable God! You are the Lord, and You are unchanging. As a result, even when things change in my life, I know I’m not entirely adrift. You are with me and stay the same, so just as You were faithful and brought Abraham through a time of transition, You will do the same for me, Amen.

13:5 Hebrews

Precious Lord, I pray that I maintain my life free of the desire for money and that I am content with what I have. Righteous God, I hope that I would be pleased in You even when my life changes; even if I have not yet arrived at my intended goal! Because You have stated that You will never abandon me; You will never abandon me. Amen, Father, I thank You for being the source of my peace.

31:8 Deuteronomy

Oh, Lord! I’m not sure where life is heading me right now, but I’m enjoying the ride! I welcome the change because I know You will guide and accompany me. I honor Your Name because I know You will never let me down or forsake me, therefore I will not lose confidence or be terrified. I will not be concerned because I know You are in charge; You see the changes I am undergoing because You are with me, Amen.

119:105 Psalm

Father in Heaven, I thank You because Your word serves as a torch to guide me and a light to illuminate my way. I announced change in my life, and the season of transition has finally arrived, but I am relieved to know that I have the finest guidance – You. Lord, You knew me before I was conceived, therefore You know what is best for me. I ask that You continue to show me where I should go through Your word, Amen.

3:9-10 Colossians 3:9-10

Everlasting God, Your word tells me not to lie to others around me because I have shed my old self with its practices and put on the new self, which is being renewed in the knowledge of its Creator. Lord, I thank You for the spiritual, emotional, and everlasting changes that You have brought about in my life. Thank You for having Your divine way within me so that I might be free in You eternally, Amen.

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