7 Best Prayers for Couples in Long Distance Relationships

7 Best Prayers for Couples in Long Distance Relationships – As you say these prayers with faith , May the God of heaven bless your relationship , Distance is not a barrier.

Prayers for Couples in Long Distance Relationships
Prayers for Couples in Long Distance Relationships



Table of Prayers

Strengthening Prayer

Being in a long-distance relationship with Jesus, my Savior, is difficult. It is difficult to believe, to overlook questions, and to let go of anxieties. You advise being powerful and courageous. You say I shouldn’t be afraid or worried since You are with me wherever I go. That is true, Jesus, but please help my unbelief. In my loneliness, fill me with Your Holy Spirit. When I’m having a fight, you can console me. Please allow me to sense Your presence and calm my weary soul. Amen.

Temptation-Resisting Prayer

God of the Armies of Heaven, You claim that no temptation will overcome me except those that are universal to all humans. You claim You will not allow me to be lured beyond my capacity. Please help me, God. It’s terrible to be so far away from a loved one, unable to see his or her face or feel his or her warm embrace. In his/her absence, fortify my strength against fleshly temptations. Convince me of my loved one’s faithfulness with tranquility. Remove from my thoughts envy, dread of the unknown, and a lack of trust. For both of us, I pray that when we are tempted, You will offer a way out so that we can endure and overcome the temptation while being faithful to each other. Amen.

Prayer for Faith in God

Jesus, the righteous Savior, I pray that I have complete faith in You, especially in my long-distance relationship. I pray that I will not rely on my own understanding, because You see, hear, and know everything. I am only a mortal, Jesus. You are unstoppable! Inspire me to put my trust in You with my relationship and my journey since You know what is best for me. Make me in Your image so that I can trust and honor You as my guidance. Thank You, Jesus, for Your eternal guidance. Amen.

Prayer for Love to Overcome All

Lord of Might, I thank You for my long-distance relationship, knowing that You have blessed me with it. Show me how to keep loving and crush any negative feelings that may arise as a result of doubt over such a long distance. You claim that hatred causes turmoil, while love covers all transgressions. Crush any animosity, envy, rage, or bitterness that exists in our connection. Agape love, fill our hearts. Instill in us a love that has no bounds or distances, a love that shines to the ends of the earth. Amen.

Patience’s Prayer

Give me the patience to bear the gap between myself and my loved one, God of Mercy and Love. You say that love is patient, but I can’t seem to see an end to the distance between me and my loved one. Keep our love alive and well while we are apart. Teach us to love as You do Your children. Teach us to bear everything, trust everything, hope everything, and endure everything. I know that our love will overcome the miles that separate us. Father, thank You for the blessing of this connection. I pray that it will be kept in love forever. Amen.

Future-oriented Prayer

God, my Abundant Provider, I am grateful for our long-distance connection. I entrust it to Your good hands and beg that You guide both myself and my spouse in our relationship. You are aware of the plans You have for us, plans to prosper us rather than hurt us, plans to give us hope and a future. I pray that if this connection is in accordance with Your will, You will teach us what we need to do to ensure our partnership’s long-term health. Lead us in our acts so that we can protect the blessing You have bestowed on us in each other. Please guide us so that we can carry out the plans You have for our life. Amen.

Growing Prayer

Jesus, the Mighty and Everlasting, I thank You and praise Your wonderful name. You instruct me to keep anger, wrath, malice, slander, and filthy language out of my tongue. You advise me to be gentle, humble, meek, and patient. I make an effort, Jesus! But I’m a long way from being perfect. For my long-distance relationship to work, I need to improve and develop. Help me to mature in You, to pray with all my heart, and to acquire Your forgiveness spirit. Make me into Your image and Your vessel. Amen.


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