12 Powerful Prayers for Financial Breakthrough

12 Powerful Prayers for Financial Breakthrough – Many scriptures have recorded God’s commandments to His children by telling them to prosper. Here are 12 good prayers for financial breakthrough that will encourage and motivate you on your way to success.

Prayers for Financial Breakthrough
Prayers for Financial Breakthrough



Table of Prayers

Prayer for Significant Improvement

Creator of the Universe, I am requesting Your assistance in increasing the financial security of my family. I want to see a significant improvement from where things are presently. I wish to improve my financial situation for myself and my family. Help me figure out what I need to do to make this happen. I no longer want to live paycheck to paycheck and be enslaved by debt. Amen.

Debt-Relief Prayer

O Lord, my all-powerful defender, I need Your assistance to break free from the bonds of debt. I admit that I have been swayed by marketing messaging and have overspent. I’ve allowed myself to become mired in a never-ending cycle of financial difficulties. I need a paradigm shift in my thinking and habits, as well as guidance on how to break free from these shackles. Assist me in regaining control of my finances once and for all. Amen.

Pray for a Financial Breakthrough Strategy

Father of Lights, please guide me in building a financial breakthrough strategy. I need to break out of this debt quagmire and create a solid financial strategy to keep me on track. Assist me in gaining control of my finances so that I don’t spend more than I make. I do not want to get bankrupt. Please advise me on the steps I should take. Amen.

Prayer for a Financial Revolution

Please, Miracle-Working Father, bring about a financial revolution in my life. Assist me in fast gaining control of my money rather than having my money dominate me. I repent of my own sins that have brought me to this point, and I promise that I will no longer ignore the responsibility You have given me as manager of Your resources. Assist me in being persistent in taking the necessary action. Amen.

Transformational Prayer

God, my Help, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can’t just keep doing what I’ve been doing. Assist me in renewing my thinking and changing my lifestyle and financial habits. Lord, show me how to start becoming a winner with my money instead of letting it slide through my fingers. Work with me to change the situation so that I am the lender rather than the borrower. Amen.

Financial Advancement Prayer

Lord, my Creator, I want to make more money than I have in the past. I beg You to increase my earnings significantly so that I can place my family on firm financial footing, plan for the future, and, most importantly, donate generously to the church and Your ministry around the world. Help me figure out what steps I need to take to go ahead financially. Amen.

Positive Prosperity Development Prayer

My Portion, Lord, I am grateful that You have a plan for me, that You want to honor and prosper me, that You want to offer me hope and a bright future. I know You want to keep me safe from harm. And now, Lord, assist me in working with You to achieve and celebrate financial freedom. Help me to persevere in doing the hard work required to advance to the next level. Amen.

Discipline Prayer for a Breakthrough

God of Might, My financial difficulties, I admit, are mostly the result of my lack of planning, spending, and saving discipline. I request a breakthrough in this area so that I can advance financially. I know that if I don’t acquire mastery, no matter how much money I make, I will struggle financially. Please give me the strength I need to manage my money. Amen.

Prayer for Prosperous Financial Progress

Wisdom, God, I need Your heavenly light to lead me through the process of learning everything I need to know about money. I sincerely want to make great strides in my condition, but I don’t know anything about money. Help me learn what I need to know about budgeting and making good investments with my money to obtain the highest return. Amen.

Intentions for Significant Financial Progress

God of Truth, assist me in seeing how the ways of the world frequently clash with Your truth and values so that I might make great financial improvement. Help me comprehend that lusting after the status of consumer goods can jeopardize my financial stability, not to mention my spiritual well-being, and that I should not go into debt to attain these things. Help me distinguish between actual necessities and wants of the eyes and flesh. Amen.

Efforts for a Breakthrough in Investments

Lord, You are the sustainer of my life, and I beseech You for a breakthrough in my investments. Help me to escape the illusion of success and the long-term shackles of debt, and instead use my money to develop wealth. Assist me in prudently saving and investing my money in the right locations, so that I can reap ample rewards. May I not be a slave to anyone, but instead be able to freely offer. Amen.

Prayer for an Exponentially Larger Increase

Father of Gloriousness, I request an exponential increase in my financial situation. I hope that You will double my resources by increasing my income and making wise investments. I hope that wherever I put my money, I would get a good interest rate and a good return. I pray for a release from financial worries. Please assist me in avoiding dangerous investments and financial hazards. I ask You to bless whatever my hands set out to do. Amen.


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